How To Successfully Run A Mobile Business

mobile business

Unlike a regular business, a mobile business is constantly on the move to make their customers lives easier. Whether you’re a hairdresser that visits your clients homes to do their hair, or you’re a distribution company that needs to cart deliveries here, there, and everywhere, it’s important to clue yourself up on how to make sure that you’re doing things properly. So, we’ve compiled a quick guide on how to successfully run a mobile business.

mobile business


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Keep communication flowing

One of the biggest problems you’ll face when running a mobile business is that you and any other staff members are not able to communicate face to face very often. This can quickly lead to information not getting where it needs to be, or even delivering services or products to the wrong place. It’s imperative to have a strong communication system so that you and any staff members can keep each other in the loop. Company mobile phones are a great way of ensuring that you can contact each other whenever needed.


Track your vehicles

If you have a plethora of vehicles out on the road each day, it’s all too easy to lose track of where they are and most importantly, if your driver is okay. Having a fleet management system such as Lytx will help you track drivers while they’re on the move. This will also work well for any customers who want to know where their delivery is at all times, as you’ll be able to provide them with the information you’re receiving.


Be fair to staff members

Your staff members will be on the go just as much as you, and taking breaks when you’re tending to your customers every need can be difficult. However, especially when you’re on the move, driving can be very dangerous without regular breaks. Make sure that you schedule breaks for your drivers and allow them to make stops if needed to ensure that not only do you have happy members of staff, but you have safe ones too.


Have mobile marketing put in place

Finally, when your business is constantly on the move it can be difficult to know how to properly market your business. The most effective way when you’re on the road is by using mobile marketing such as:


  • The internet – access from pretty much anywhere and an unlimited reach means you’ll get to where you want to be! 
  • Adverts on the side of vehicles so that as you’re travelling around, you’re getting your name around at the same time. 
  • TV and radio advertising is effective if you’re based in a certain radius, so it might be worth considering creating some adverts!


As you can see, with these tips your mobile business will be able to grow successfully, so put these tips in place to reap the benefits!

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