How to Make Money Blogging

Blogging is a lucrative business, but you need to work smart to make money as a blogger in the early days of your blogging career so you don’t have to wait for many years before you start making money.

It’s all about strategy!

make money blogging


What I’m about to teach you is not the “Linda Ikeji or Bella Naija” type of blogging where you have to post content for years before you start making money. To be quite frank with you, it’s possible to set up a blog and make money from the same blog in 24-48 hours if you do it right.


I’ve done this before with the health niche (simply sold weight loss eBooks), and even my MMO blog I have made money by selling my courses. It’s a simple formula and it works like this; provide help to right people with the right content and an accompanying product and you will make money, period!


Sounds simple yeah?

But you have to learn the ropes to make it work, so myself and partner Mr. Joe Okoro ( Blogging Expert & Ex-Teacher) have put together some FREE resources that will guide you through on how to make money from blogging before 2017 runs out.


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I know I’ve introduced myself more than enough times but for the benefit of those reading this blog for the first time; my name is Victor Agina, I’m a digital marketer, blogger and internet business consultant.  I own this blog where you are reading this article right now.

It’s been up to 5 years since I started this blog and I’m proud to say that through this medium I’ve been able to help hundreds of people to make money on the internet.


In today’s article, I want to share with you a simple and straight forward way of making money from a simple blog like mine.

In-between this article, I’d be linking to a webpage where you’d watch live videos of my friend and mentor who was an Ex-teacher but now makes 7 figures every month from his blog from the comfort of his home.


Blogging is one of the hundreds of ways to make money on the internet. Apart from making money, what I love most about owning your blog is the fact that it establishes you an authority in your chosen niche.

I have been able to sell thousands of products through this blog and I’ve had several collaborations with different individuals and organizations just because I have a platform.


make money blogging


A lot of people have the conception that blogging is difficult and it’s hard to make money unless you are like Linda Ikeji that has millions of people visiting her website every month. This assumption is totally wrong! You can set up a blog today and build a tribe of people to know and trust you, then you can make money from them.



  • You need to understand what they want/need.
  • Create contents that helps solve their want/need.
  • Create an advanced solution to solve their problems.
  • Drive traffic to your blog by using Facebook paid ads.
  • Make Money



But hey! Just before you get all excited, you’d not make money from blogging if you are lazy! You need to work just like those people who have  9-5 job. I’m sure you already know that slogan ” No Food For Lazy Man”.


I’m not trying to discourage you, I just want you to prepare your mind. If you practice what you’d learn in this article, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t make money from your blogging business. Are you ready to learn how to make money from blogging?


Then Read On…

Here’s a  checklist of what you are expected to learn in this article:


Part 1:

How to Create a Profitable Blogging Platform That Can Funnel As Much As N250,000 – N2,000,000 Per Month Into Your Bank Accounts Every Year

  • What is Blogging?
  • Statistics About Blogging
  • About Joe Okoro (Ex-Teacher) and Why You Should Listen to Him
  • 2 Types of Blogging Models
  • Conventional Blogging (Linda Ikeji Style)
  • The Newsletter Blogging (Best For Starters)
  • Multiple Ways to Sell and Make a Living From Your Newsletter Blog
  • Types of Newsletter Blogs


Watch The Video Of The 1st Part Below:


Part Two:

  • How to Start a Newsletter Blog
  • Find a Niche Market
  • Start a Blog On The Niche
  • Publish Regularly
  • Build an Email List [ Using Paid Ads]
  • Understand Your Niche Market Needs Via Surveys and Simple Questions
  • Making a Newsletter Blog to Work For You


Watch The Video of The Second Part Here:


Part Three

  • How to Make 6-7 Figures Per Month From Your Newsletter Blogging
  • You need to lead magnet
  • You need to advertise your blog post. It should be on a topic that people in your niche are interested in.
  • You need a product funnel ( At least 2 or more is better)
  • You need traffic from Facebook
  • YOu need email follow up sequence by using an auto-responder. The follow ups can be articles, tutorials, “how to” contents to get the prospect to buy


Conversion metrics @ $5 per day for 30 days of advertising on Facebook

For example if Facebook charges $0.03 per click then it means a $5 budget will get 166 targeted visitors per day.


At 20% conversion of blog visitors to subscribers to subsccribers it means 166 visitors X 20% = 33.33 leads, in30 days that will mean 1,000 subscribers.


Let’s assume that you have 2 products, the 1st product sells for N5,000, and the 2nd one sells for N12,500

At 3% conversion sales, 30 people pay you N5,000 X 30 = N150,000


When you upsell the product to the 30 customers, you can get 35% to buy so we have 30X35% = 10 buyers at N12,500

It’s easier to get a customer to buy more expensive products than trying to convince a fresh prospect to ay for that same product


Gross Income

N150,000 + N125,00


Main Profit is N275,000 – N45,000 ( Advert Spend) = N230,000


Scaling Up to 7- Figures

Increase your ad spend by doubling or tripling it

Do this until you have 2000 or more leads to your funnel per month


You can upsell your readers to 3-5 related products or more. Any extra product you introduce to your subscribers is pure profit so you don’t need to spend more money on Ads

Increase the frequency of your newsletters.

Create a PRODUCT funnel

Learn email marketing tricks and convert up to 5%-10% of your leads to customers within a year.


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how to make money blogging

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