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Many people have asked us if you can make money with virtual multilevel marketing , but to answer this question you must first understand how it works, the pro and contra and the necessary requirements to be successful with these types of projects from home.



What is multilevel marketing and how does it work?

Network Marketing, also known as Multi Level Marketing, Network Marketing or MLM (Multi Level Marketing), has become one of the most common tools to make money. But with the advent of the Internet this business model has become even more popular, since people can recruit more participants in less time, compared to traditional multilevel marketing.



Multi-level marketingThis business model consists of a sales system, where the people who compose it use the products or services of the company, recommend them to others and recruit more people forming a network under their direction, in order to do the same activity.


That is, the multilevel company provides the opportunity for the person to create a team, network or downline through their sponsorship (being the person head of the group), five or ten individuals who are willing to start the process of Multiply and this in turn extends for several generations or levels.



The success of a traditional business lies in being unique and different from others. But in this type of business is different, since the success is centered in that the person can become duplicable.


With respect to the profits that are obtained with this business, these come from commissions on the commercialization of the products or services of the company that realizes the same person, in addition that also receives bonuses by sales of its descending line.

In this way the work team, network or downline is created, giving the opportunity to both the person who joins and the group to make a profit every time the network grows.



But be careful with the company you enter, because some are fraudulent. A legitimate multilevel marketing company bases profits on commissions on the person’s own sales, while on an illegal company, it bases profits only on the number of people who are recruited. This is what is called a pyramid scheme.



Some myths about making money with virtual multilevel marketing

A couple of myths to be denied that are always created around a multilevel business, it is the false belief that the one who comes first is the one who earns the most money, since the one who earns the most is the one who works the most, even the one who comes in later can Reach a higher level than I enter first.



Another false myth is that it will rain money without doing anything, which is totally absurd, because if the person does not market the product or service will not get commissions and if you do not form the downline you will not get any bonuses, therefore you could not really make money With virtual multilevel marketing .



It is also often believed that the market is saturated and that there is no more market to sell the products or services, however these companies work with growing markets, WITH A POTENTIAL ALMOST INFINITE of growth, since every day the population grows At a rate faster than the ability to meet market demand.



So … if we have to sell something?

As in any business or commercial activity you must sell a product or service, and this business model is not the exception so tell you otherwise.

Now some companies offer high quality products that you could buy only for own consumption and with discount, but this would not generate any type of profit.



However, if the person is only selling the products, the profits will be limited. A Networker who does this business seriously, is not only a salesperson, but also an entrepreneur who promotes the business opportunity of the company with which he works.

With respect to payment, that will depend on each company, some pay by bank transfer, by check or other means of payment.



In the second part of money management with virtual multilevel marketing , we will analyze the pros and cons of this Internet business model, in addition to the necessary requirements to be successful with this type of projects from home.

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