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(If you have not read the first part of Making Money with Virtual Multilevel Marketing – Part 1 , read that section first before continuing with this one.)

Now that we have clear some concepts about network marketing, in this second part we will analyze if you can really make money with multilevel marketing and you need to be successful with these types of projects from home.



Because there is so much controversy with multilevel marketing

Unfortunately the multilevel marketing model can attract unprofitable people who want to make money online without working and at the expense of their downline, which helps to establish a bad image of the multilevel model.

Other people enter, do not train, do not consume the product or service of the company, do not follow instructions from their sponsor, so they do not get results and they retire talking badly about the business and promoting that it is a scam.



Discussion make money with virtual multilevel marketingBut not all the fault of the bad image is the people that enter the multilevel, there are also some scam companies that use multilevel marketing to quickly distribute their products, take money and disappear, giving the multilevel industry a bad first name.



Advantages and disadvantages of making money with virtual multilevel marketing:

Like any other type of project from home, the business of making money with multilevel marketing also has its pros and cons:


  • It allows you to generate passive income, so you can perform other parallel activities without any problem.
  • It is a low investment project, when compared to other forms of marketing and business.
  • Business growth is exponential if handled intelligently. No other company gives you the chance to climb so fast.
  • Much of the training for your downline will be given by the same company.
  • They develop teaching skills, effective communication, time management, motivation and attitude towards rejection.
  • It will constantly surround itself with leading, successful and positive-minded people.
  • Many people can be reached, as there are no limits of nationality or geography.
  • You can choose who to work with.




  • If you do not spend between 4 and 6 hours a day, you will not be able to earn high income, which requires a lot of time.
  • If the company goes bankrupt, you will lose all your work. Be sure to choose a serious company.
  • Approximately 90% of the people who enter and do not have commitment and discipline, retire in the first three months.
  • As a sponsor you must work continuously with your downline, motivating them and doing activities with them, which will take away some of your time.



On the other hand people who take this business model seriously to make money with multilevel marketing affirm that the biggest advantage is the feeling of gratification when the members of their team begin to succeed with them as sponsors.

“You will have what you want in life if you help others to have what they want- Zig Ziglar”



What It Takes To Make Money With Multilevel Marketing

This business model is definitely not for everyone. In reality, only a small percentage of those who enter are successful. Read carefully the following recommendations to evaluate if the MLM is really for you:

  • You must have enough time to start the business (minimum 4 hours a day to start)
  • Be willing and able to learn and apply something new.
  • Be motivated to succeed and be clear about why you are doing a Network Marketing business.
  • It must handle the opposition of people who do not see potential to the multilevel.
  • Be persistent in the face of obstacles and adversity
  • Be willing to grow personally and professionally, to face your own internal fears and limitations.
  • Be a positive, optimistic person who believes that success is possible and also enjoy helping others to succeed.


What do you think now? Is multilevel marketing for you?

The mutinivel is for youIf most of your answers to the above list were “No” or “Well maybe” then this alternative project from home may not be the type of business for you. However, if you had many “Yes” answers, then follow the advice I will give you below to choose your ML:

  • Evaluate the product or service of the company, since you must sincerely believe in the value of the products and the business opportunity that your company offers. You must become a product of your company’s products.
  • Choose a company that is already well established and has been in the market for at least 2 years.


  • Know exactly and understand the compensation plan.
  • Evaluate the tools and support system provided by the company.
  • Ask how your commissions will arrive.
  • Look for a trusted mentor or sponsor who also has a little more experience than you do in Internet marketing or business.



Experts in multilevel marketing claim that there are two ways to fail in Network Marketing, the first is to never start and the second is to start and then resign.

“All people are the same. But those who have SUCCESS only decide to be different – Napoleon Hill”


To conclude, if you already have experience in these kinds of projects from home or have done some of the training to earn money with virtual multilevel marketing, I invite you to leave your comment at the bottom.


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Until next time




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