Network Marketing: How to Be Productive and Get Results

network marketing

I was speaking to someone over the phone today, she’s a prospect that signed up through to my newsletter through my Facebook Ads. We spoke for over 20 minutes and during the course of our conversation she said ” Network Marketing Is Difficult“. I asked why and she said it’s hard to get people to join any Networking business, ‘everyone I tried to talk to said it’s scam’ she complained.


I understand how difficult recruiting could be especially if you hate rejection but if other people are signing up downlines into their MLM business everyday without problems, then you can do same. You only need to learn how they do what they do. The more productive you are, the more results you would likely get in your Network Marketing business.


Productivity Yields Results!

network marketing

How to Be Productive In Your Network Marketing Business

1. Start everyday with a target: Most Network Marketing affiliates do not have a set target for themselves hence the reason why they don’t get results. When you set a target for yourself, you challenge and push yourself to meet that target. Let’s say for example, you set a target to pitch your business opportunity to 15 everyday, chances are that you will likely get at least 1 person to join. 


Without a target in mind, you won’t work and you won’t get results. Most MLM power hitters leverage on this strategy to get more downlines into their businesses. Did you set any target for yourself today? How many people did you talk to? How many people did you follow up with? Set a target for yourself and stick to it today!


2. Learn More About Your Business: Yesterday, I had to meet up a prospect at his office in Ikeja because he had lots of questions he needed to get clarified on. I had to explain and even sketch until he was cleared about it. If I didn’t learn everything I needed to know about Helping Hands International, I might have goofed at some point.


I was thorough in my explanation and firm with my words because I knew what I was talking about. It’s not okay to just through in your N6,600 to get started in H2i and then you don’t take the extra effort to learn more about the business. So learn more, ask questions, use Google, download YouTube videos, do everything you can to learn more. 


3. Meet, Invite and Follow Up: The Network Marketing business is a people-people business. What this means is that you need people to make your business grow. If you are not recruiting people into your business then you will not grow. 

How Can You Meet People?

1. In Your Place of Work

2. In the Bus

3. In the Church

4. Community/Village Meetings

5. Gym

6. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, BBM etc

7. In Your Neighborhood


After meeting them, you can invite them over to a seminar in your area or add them up to WhatsApp group where they will learn more about the business. Inviting them is not just enough, some of them might join your business almost immediately while others would take a while to join.


You need to always follow up on those who have not joined your business. If you don’t follow up and they get to meet someone else who really gets to pester them with the opportunity, they will join that person. Always make sure you follow up with your prospects.  


Decide everyday to do something about your network marketing business. I know sometimes it could be frustrating especially when you start feeling like ” I hate to chase people”, I know that feeling of rejection. Think about this for a second, the top earners in any Network Marketing company, if they quit at the initial stages would they have succeeded? I guess you know the answer.


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I got to run now.

Until next time.





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