How to Make Your Office Environmentally Friendly


We’re all aware of the effect businesses can have on the environment. It’s difficult to run a business and protect the planet at the same time, but there are a few things you can do to make sure you aren’t unnecessarily hurting the environment. Here’s a few things you can change.





Electricity Usage

We waste electricity without even thinking about it. How many times have you left the office bathroom light on without a thought?

Or walked out at the end of the day with your computer still plugged in at the mains? It’s about changing our habits, so get all of the staff involved in making a habit of turning off electric points and lights when they aren’t in use. It not only makes a huge difference to the environment, but it also saves businesses money.


Get the Bins Out

Bins are often hidden away under desks or in storage rooms. They often take up space and can make offices look like they’re cluttered. However, they’re so important when it comes to being environmentally friendly. You may find that some of your staff don’t recycle or use the correct bins.


Your office bins should be loud and proud, with clearly marked signs to tell people what they should and shouldn’t contain. If you use spill kits, make sure you have plenty of spill kit refills to ensure you can collect as much waste as possible and distribute it to the correct place.






Natural Cleaning Products

Most offices are cleaned after hours, so many business owners don’t give much of a thought to cleaning products.

However, using all natural cleaning products will reduce the amount of toxins you’re buying and therefore help to reduce the amount of cleaning products with toxins on the market.

You can even save money by making your own cleaning products in bulk.


Think About Your Office Supplies

These days there should be less need for office supplies that harm the environment.

You’ll always need to have a pen to hand, but with notebooks freely available online via your computer or as an app via your phone, there’s not much need to write things down anymore.

Buy supplies like pens, paper, ink and others sparingly. Try not to buy in bulk and only as and when you really need them.






Not only is telecommuting a lot more convenient for staff members, it also reduces pollution. Any staff members that travel into work in their own car are adding pollution to the environment, whether they’re travelling for five minutes or an hour. Studies have also shown that telecommuters often get more work and higher quality work done.


Fair Trade

If there’s one thing that office workers need in bulk it’s tea and coffee. So, if your staff are getting up every five minutes to make themselves a coffee, make sure you’re buying fair trade and organic blends. Encourage your workers to use their own cups, rather than using throw away Styrofoam or paper cups.


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