Office Relocation and How to Make it Easier

office relocation
office relocation

office relocation


Moving your office from one place to another is much more than displacing a few boxes. As you are relocating your whole business, your employees and clients need to be informed and all of the equipment in your office needs to be safely and quickly transported to continue business as usual.

Stress can take its toll as moving logistics get overwhelming, so read on to find out how you can make your office relocation easier for all.


Plan and organize ASAP

When you’re moving home you can opt for just stuffing everything in boxes and opening the boxes in the new location whenever you feel like it. However, office moving is a bit trickier as it can be costly and time-consuming. You want your business to be effective both money and time-wise, and thus you should plan carefully and start as early as possible.


office relocation

After you have found the new space for your business, scout it out and draw up the schemes. Talk to your employees and managers and help them redesign their own space for maximum efficiency.



Declutter and order new equipment

While you are still looking at the new office space, take notes on what you need for the new place and what you should get rid of. This is a very important step, as you don’t want to waste money and manpower relocating items you will throw out anyway.


office relocation


Even before you make any definite moving arrangements, you can start decluttering. When we become comfortable in a space, we tend to accumulate unnecessary items. Also, there are probably documents you don’t need any more as we mostly keep them in digital form nowadays.


Find the new equipment on time and figure out whether it is a better choice to have it shipped to the new location or you should have it moved from the old office along with other things.


Update address info

As soon as you know where your business will go and especially from when you will be operating from there, you need to inform your staff and your clients. Using emails as notifications or social media page can help you get the message across.


office relocation
office relocation

Don’t forget to update address information everywhere, from stationary and business cards, in the email signature at the end of your email, to listings in your city and online. Google Maps and Google My Business are good places to start, but you should also look into local online directories.

Relocating your mail and updating information with your bank and government can be easily done online but processing them can take some time to make an early start.


Hire professional movers

Even home moves are significantly easier with professionals at the wheel, but an office move should settle for nothing less. Depending on the building regulations, you will probably have a weekend to relocate so as not to disturb other offices. Such a specific timeline demands a professional logistical operation.


Money tends to be the only issue that people can use as an excuse for a DIY move, which might be true if your new office is just across the street. However, professional removalists from Sydney companies, if you’re in Australia for example, can move your office within the city or interstate and offer you a better deal. Surely, every country and town have their own professionals, so why not rely on them to make things much easier.


What is more, hiring professionals brings the possibility of injuries and damages to a minimum, but they also offer insurance, just in case.


Reorganize your workload

Moving your office can be quite stressful for all parties included. This is why you need to organize not only the move itself but also how you will manage your business during the move and a few days around it. Missing a deadline would be unprofessional, so try to create a schedule which is manageable and won’t cause you unnecessary embarrassment.


It will take a few days before and after the move to get all things sorted out, packed, transported, unpacked, and properly placed. The move itself and getting accustomed to the new space and the new equipment can create some setbacks and cause additional stress for your employees. Giving them enough time to readjust will make them more productive as they will be more motivated to work.


To make your office relocation an easier process, it is important to note that it is a challenging project. It requires all hands on deck, exceptional organizational skills, safe transport, and impressive time management. As long as you set a manageable timeline, you will be able to accomplish all tasks needed. By calling in experts and talking to your employees, you will have the right information and will be able to use them, too. A long preparation for the moving day should ensure that your business is moved quickly and easily and you will be working at the new address at no time at all.



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