Brand Credibility: The Single Most Important Thing In Online Business?

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If you want to make your fortune online, there will be many steps that you have to follow. However, undoubtedly the most important thing you can do as you begin, and throughout the process is work on your credibility.


This is because it is all about how potential customers see you, and whether they think you are worth investing their money in what you are offering. With this in mind read on to find out how to be as credible as possible as an online business.


Be accessible


All too often online businesses can be faceless organizations that ask for money without the customer knowing anything about them. Unfortunately, even if you have the most fascinating content and the best product, there will be plenty of people that won’t spend money with you because they don’t trust anonymous sites. That is why it is so vital to ensure you that business has a decent level of accessibility.


In this context, accessibility translates as things like having a personal picture up on your page, so customers know who they are dealing with. It’s also a good idea to have some information about yourself, regarding your experience and motivation in doing what you do.

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Additionally, it vital that you give your customers many ways in which to interact with you. Be that social media, email addresses, telephone numbers and chat boxes. The reason being that these will provide them with the chance to reach and check that you a real business and not a scam, as well as get reassurance on any queries they have about their purchases.

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Being contactable is essential for credibility.




Look professional


Next, to be a credible brand, you need to do everything in your power to look professional. There is quite a varied range of actions you can take for this too, including properly branding your company with a professional logo, headed stationery and business cards.


Also having a real-world P.O. Box address can be helpful in lending a bit of credence to your business, something that is pretty easy to do if you use a virtual post office box service that you can sign up for online. Then you customers know if they send you physical mail you will be able to receive and act on it the same as you would with an electronic communication.


Get referrals and testimonials


Your online business credibility can also be massively helped by favorable testimonies and reviews. The justification for this being that nothing convinces people to buy more, than knowing other people in the same position have has a positive experience.

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To do this, you can display positive feedback from customers on your site in a testimonials section. However, an even better way is to link to great reviews on an independent review site like Trustpilot or Feefo, as these give you greater credibility because they are harder to fake and so are more likely to be genuine and objective. Something that gives your customers a more realistic sense of the true credibility of your online business.


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