online business in nigeria

Are you looking to start a profitable online business in Nigeria but don’t know to start from?

Are You tired of losing Your money to “Get Rich Quick” scammers?


In this article, I will teach You how to start an online business in Nigeria the right way. But first, let’s talk about this internet business thingy!


According to Google, a search with the keyword “How to make money online” pulls out a stunning 1,000,000 results. This shows that millions of people all over the world are looking for ways to make money on the internet.


But the thing is this, the owners of most of the websites that get pulled out by Google are just after the money in Your bank account. Everybody is trying to sell You one thing or the other without giving You the basics.


Listen, an online business should be treated as a real business; not just some schemes designed to help You make money “Sharp Sharp”. A real business is one that is groomed over time. Real business people understand this.


For example, Jumia started their business some time in 2010. Until 2016, they were not profitable yet. But there still kept building. Don’t get me wrong, You don’t have to wait that long to be profitable.


What about Amazon?

Of course You already know that Jeff Bezos is the Richest Man in the world now. He did not attain that feat by doing “sharp sharp” make money here and there. He started his eCom business, then he went on the grow it over a period of time.


I am just trying to reshape Your thoughts, so You can think like a real business person and not someone looking for make money this and make money that on the internet.


There are different kinds of online business in Nigeria, all You need do is to pick one and “BOMB IT”. Nah I don’t mean using a grenade, I mean putting in your everything and growing it into a big business over time.


In order to build a profitable business, You have to always think about solving problems. Your business should be able to solve peoples’ problems, these problems can be solved with your product and service.


So what kind of problems can your business solve?

If You can design a website, then Your business should revolve around providing responsive websites to small businesses.


Everyone wants to move their business online these days, but most of them don’t know how to create a website to sell their products.


Your job is to bridge the gap. Do You understand?


So let’s say you are in the Health/Beauty niche and You have a product that helps people lose weight. Then You are solving Obesity problems. All You have to do is to set up a funnel to sell Hundreds of your product every month.


You are in the business of helping people shed weight. Apart from selling weight loss products, You can take it a step further by including a body weight exercise Your customers/prospects can do indoors to help them maintain stamina.


Do You Get It?

Remember, the idea here is to build a sustainable business; You can do this for many years.


For example my Younger Sister sells wedding rings.

She has been in the business for over 5 years, mostly working from the comfort of Her house.


Recently, She paid over One million Naira to get a physical office where people can walk in to purchase wedding/engagement rings. She also told me that She added wristwatches, chokers, ear rings etc.


Now that’s growth, isn’t it?


Stop jumping from one internet scheme to the other because You just need to make a quick buck! Rather, You build…


You can create Your own information marketing business. Yes, You can sell information that You know to people that need it. I know of a guy that sold one particular video course for a year and he made over N25,000,000 in pure profits.


Nothing stops You from selling more than one information. Let’s say You have an eBook that sells for N6,500, You only need to sell 100 copies of that eBook to make N650,000, sounds cool right?


Let’s say You spent N100,000 on adverts, You are still left with a profit of N550,000. If You rinse and repeat this process every month, You’d be making real good money. I mean that’s times 10 of what most average workers earn in Lagos.


What About Freelancing?

Do You know You can start a business as a freelancer and grow it into 6-7 figure income business every month?



Do You have any particular skill?

Can you design a website?

Can you write articles?

Can you do graphics design?

Look within…

If You think You don’t have any skill, then You can quickly acquire one by going through video tutorials on Youtube. There’s quite a handful of them to learn from.


Once You have acquired a skill, head over to or any of the other freelance websites to sign up and list Your service. But just before you do that, I’d advise You to look at the category where You want to list your service, look at what others are doing and then model after it.


If You have a service listed for $50 a pop, 20 jobs will give You $1000. After Fiverr takes out their commission, You’d still have $900 left. Now let’s multiply that by the current exchange rate in Nigeria.


$900 * N400 = N360,000


Not bad,

Most graduates don’t earn even a quarter of that amount of money.

I’m sure You understand the message I’m trying to pass with the above analogies.


I can go on and on with different examples, there are different internet businesses, You just need to pick one and focus on it. Here’s a list of the several online businesses You can pick from:




Click on any of the topics You above and You will be redirected to a training area to help You learn more.

I really do hope this helps.


Talk Soon







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