Online Selling System – How Ojay Made His First Sale In 24 Hours

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I don’t know if you are already aware of the online selling system I talked about sometime ago that’s helping young men earn up to N200,000 and more working for just a few hours online by selling ” problem solving physical products“.


Precisely on the 28th Day of November, 2016 a friend of mine asked me to teach her son how to sell physical products online. Because of the good relationship we have; she’s actually helped me with a lot of stuffs in recent times, I obliged and paid a visit to her office.


Her Son Ojay, I think he’s about 25 years of age and just fresh out of school was filled with excitement to learn. The tutorial took about 3 hours or thereabout after which I left for my house. Guess what happened the next day? Ojay had set up his own online selling system.


In fact he tweaked his own system so well that I thought it was better than mine. Though there were a few errors, but it looked great. Honestly, I love people like Ojay who learns something and swings into action immediately.

The next day he had set up his Facebook Ad campaign for his first product and in less than 24 hours…BOOM! He made his first sale!


He called me over the phone sounding very excited and grateful. A few minutes later, his Mum called me and thanked me too. I want you to learn a lesson from this story. It’s likely you have been reading the articles on this blog and you don’t do anything with it, honestly there’s no sense in that!


Action takers are the money makers. If you learn how to do things right from someone who is already doing it and swing into action, you will make money with the online selling system. One thing I like about the young man OJ is his resilience and determination.


He called me up yesterday at about 1.30 am to ask me questions regarding the second Facebook ad he was creating for the online selling system. Normally, I wouldn’t have picked but since I saw how determined he was to make money with this system, I took his call and he was able to set up his second Ad.


At about 7am again, the young man called me… Always apologizing for disturbing, he told me he was getting lots of calls and WhatsApp messages from people asking about the products. I was wowed, not because of the results ( I knew he would get results) but by the speed at which he’s moving.


This new week, he will deliver up to 10 products or even more… If you are reading this message and have not taken advantage of the online selling system that guarantees over 100% return on investment by simply selling physical products online then the time to act is right now. 


Email me at to get the online system where I will reveal everything you need to know plus how to get started.


Please note: Like every normal business there’s a commitment involved. I only need people who are already internet savvy ( which I am sure you are). You need a cash investment of:


1. Student Pack: N35,000

2. Starter Pack: N75,000

3. Executive Pack: N150,000


The cost includes the cost of setting up your own online selling system. I will just teach you how to set up a targeted Facebook Ads to get the right people to join your business.


If you have any further questions, please send me a message via email or reach me on 08037193840


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