Propreneurs World: How to Earn Up to N500k Monthly While Learning About Business

ProPreneurs World is a legitimate and registered business with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria with CAC No. 1465101. This awesome was borne with the intent of helping hundreds of thousands of people all over the world to learn about business and also be able to earn a recurring monthly income while doing so.
To be quite frank, it’s a new business that was recently launched on the 24th of February 2018, just before you raise your eye brow… The team is reliable. The founders are top earners in major network businesses in Nigeria. I personally know one of the top members and she’s 100% legit.
I’m going to be committed to promoting this business in the next couple of months; the first car award would be coming up sometime in May and with the plan I have in place I should be able to get one of those awards. Why? Because I’ve optimized my blog for the keyword “ProPreneurs World”.
After reading through the blog post to learn what the business entails, I’d encourage you to register ASAP because you’d be reaping from the work I’ve already done, that’s not to say you should be lazy though :). 
What is ProPreneurs World and What Do You Need to Know About It?

Propreneurs Limited is a human capacity and entrepreneurship development company fully registered with the corporate affairs commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with RC NO: 1465101.


Her vision is to raise healthy, successful and professional entrepreneurs and inspire them to become better people. At Propreneurs World, you’d get quality healthcare delivery services and professional entrepreneurship development programmes designed to inspire and equip every affiliate members to become Professional Entrepreneurs.


It is our belief that people don’t buy products and services. They buy Satisfaction; they buy Relationship, experience and values. At Propreneurs World Limited, we have all these to our credit. Developing entrepreneurs, inspiring people and empowering them to become more are our passion.


ProPreneurs World is dedicated to teaching its affiliates the A to Z of entrepreneurship. In practical terms, you’d learn how to generate business ideas, how to start and grow your business, how to raise funds for business expansion, how to sustain it and become successful.

You’d be held by the hands and lead you through the journey of entrepreneurship in a very exciting manner that guarantees unlimited success.


The founding partners of ProPreneurs World has garnered experience over the years in entrepreneurship and personal development and have in-depth knowledge in capacity building, people empowerment and wealth creation. The are aware that innovative product and services directly impact people’s lives, their well being, lifestyle and ultimately their finances and productivity.


They crave to develop professionals, and solution providers, who can create job for others and help to solve the problem of unemployment in our society. ProPreneurs World Is Here for You!

Welcome to Entrepreneurship at it’s best. Where impossibility is nothing. Propreneur develops leaders and raise Entrepreneurs to become more successful.
It’s a place where members gain Entrepreneurial Skills. You earn while you learn.
ProPreneurs World Marketing Plan is second to none, it’s a combination of best plan and sustainable plan.
The blend of Matrix and Unilevel will give you the best plan ever.
Her Compensation Plan is in 6 Stages of 2 x 3 Matrix.
*ProPreneurs World Has Six Stages in Her Business Plan. They Are:
√ Referral Bonus.
√ Matching Bonus.
√ Leadership Bonus.
√ Monthly Merit Bonus.
√ Monthly Infinity Bonus.
√ Business Startup Fund.
√ Shopping Voucher.
√ Int’l Trip Fund.
√ Villa Fund.
√ Car Fund.
This is a kind of gift bonus which is given as a Voucher that can be redeemed in either Shoprite, LG or Slot.
This bonus is always paid to affiliate members upon the completion of a particular Matrix Stage.
Members can also choose to have their money credited to their back office in the event that they do not want to use the Voucher.
The ProPreneurs World Matching Bonus is like a level bonus, there the system pairs two members under you for you to get paid.
Matching Bonus is paid instantly as long as there is a match of one member to your Left and another to the Right of your Matrix in any given stage.
The first on the left leg is matched with the first one on the right leg, same with the second on both side and so on until earnings are paid on all.
Matching Bonuses are paid based on pairing, from level 1 to level 3 of every stage.
As an Entrepreneurship and Human Capacity Development Organization, Propreneur trains you on different Vocational Courses and Teaches you how to generate ideas and when you do, she will help you fund that Business Project of yours with $17,000 which is paid to you in Stage 4(Elite Professional).
This is one powerful payout Plan employed to give Affiliate a sense of of security, looking forward to monthly earnings is one thing that makes us unique, powerful and it makes a great difference.
This bonus is created for sustainability with long-term in mind.
Imagine after earning your Normal Matching Bonuses from your Matrix and out of nowhere you get -$10,000 or $20,000- from both -Merit Bonus and Infinity Bonuses.-
It’s amazing right?
That is the kind of feelings you get as you earn from our two wonderful Monthly Bonuses.
Don’t miss out on this. Join us and enjoy your Monthly Residual Earnings.
Most Networkers labour and toil all through only to be waiting for someone to join you in your Matrix for you to earn and sometime you will have to wait for 1, 2 or 3 months but here, we have design two Monthly Bonus that rewards you for Team Building.
Number 1 is Team Performance Bonus called Unilevel Monthly Merit Bonus you earn $200 from all your 1st generation affiliate member and $100 from your 2nd generation deep down to infinity generation.
This is done by pairing a 2×2 from left to another 2×2 to your right to make a match, you could earn $15,000 in a given month.
5 Direct on 1st Generation =200×5=$1,000.
25 Members in 2nd Generation =100×25=$2,500.
125 Members in 3rd Generation =$100×125=$12,500.
At 3rd level, you are already earning $15,500, remember Unilevel Merit Bonus pays you to Infinity level, you could earn over $50,000 in a given month.
Monthly Infinity Bonus is a reward for developing leaders, you earn as they join you to higher  stage.
You earn when the system matches two Affiliate Partners (One to the Right of your Matrix and another one to the left).
It works like Matching Bonus, the difference is that Infinity Bonus is paid Monthly and the qualification for payment starts from Elite Professional. 
Here Is What You Will Earn-:
$500 for every pair produced under you in Elite Professional(1 to left+ 1 to right).
$1,000 for every pair of leaders produced in your Tycoon Matrix(1 left+1 right).
$1,500 for every pair of leaders produced in your Executive Tycoon Matrix(1 left+1 right).
You can produce 3, or 4 pairs in a month. That’s 1,500×4=$6,000,
Depending on your current stage.
This monthly Bonus is paid over and above your normal Matrix Bonus.
Every member must start from here with a one-time Registration fee of $40/N12,000.
You must sponsor your 2 people. One person on each of your left and right sides.
Referral Bonus is $10 each person you sponsor.
Matching Bonus =$30
Trainee is the first stage of Propreneur Business Plan. As a Trainee, you earn as you download Her Entrepreneurship Training Materials for your learning.
At this stage you will earn at least $350.
Here, Matching Bonus is paid from level 1 to level 3 of your Matrix plus other Incentives.
Level1 =$20
Level2 =$50
Level3 =$120
Extra Incentive:
Shopping Voucher $110
Once you complete your stage 1, the system automatically placed you on the top of Stage 2 Senior Trainee’s Matrix.
Stage2 Level1 =$50
       Level2 =$100
       Level3 =$340
Extra Incentives:
Shopping Voucher $210
Leadership Bonus $600
Matching Bonuses are paid based on paring $50 @level 1&2,$85 @ level 3 per match.
Stage 3 is a 2×3 follow your leader Matrix. All your Senior Trainees in your team comes into your Professional Matrix in a progressive manner.
As a Professional Entrepreneur, you’re now your own Boss, with money to start your own business, money for luxury trip abroad and a business car of your own. 
Level1 =$100
Level2 =$300
Level3 =$600
Extra Incentives:
Shopping Voucher  $1,000
Leadership Bonus  $1,000
Car Fund         $15,000
Int’l Travel Fund $1,000
Elite Professional is called Business Leader’s stage.
Here, Monthly Bonuses like Merit, Infinity are accrued to you as you work. As you grow other Professional Members are coming to join you here and more money is made instantly.
You are now member of a Big League of Top performers called Elite Professional earning Monthly Merit Bonus and Monthly Infinity Bonus.
Level1 =$100
Level2 =$300
Level3 =$600
Extra Incentives:
Shopping Voucher  $1,000
Leadership Bonus  $1,000
Business Fund    $17,000
Plus Monthly Merit Bonus which is paid over and above the total.
*STAGE 5 TYCOON $40,000:*
As a business Tycoon, you earn a mouthwatering sum regularly.
Stage 5 is the place where you gain Financial Freedom with big bonuses. 
Big Incentives, Luxury Vacation, Merit, Infinity coupled with great lifestyle.
Tycoon members are not just Bosses to many people, but are also inspired to help others to create wealth.
Level1= $200
Level2= $600
Extra Incentives:
Leadership Bonus  $1,200
Shopping Voucher  $2,000
Infinity Bonus   $12,000
Intl Travel Fund  $2,000
Villa Fund       $20,000
Congratulations you are now an executive business Tycoon, a celebrity, a superstar with wealth of experience, ideas and money to execute them.
Though it’s the last stage but obviously not the last of your earnings.
Earnings continue as this Matrix is unlimited, it revolves to Infinity.
At this point, you can retire rich (that is if you choose to) with Residual Income flowing into your Bank Account. Becoming an Executive Tycoon is the dream of everyone with incredible reward.
Make the most of it.
Level1 = $1,000
Level2 = $6,000
Level3 =$14,000
Extra Incentives:
Leadership Bonus  $4,000
Shopping Voucher  $2,000
Infinity Bonus   $18,000
Intl Travel Fund  $2,000
Villa Fund       $30,000
Plus Merit Bonus is paid Monthly over and above the total.
To give you a Residual Income like never before.
Propreneur brought to you an effortless Monthly Package called MERIT and INFINITY BONUSES.
Merit Bonus is a reward for TEAM BUILDING and PERFORMANCE paid to you monthly for raising a formidable large team. This is designed on a Unilevel Payment plan for Elite Professionals to Executive Tycoon stage members.
As a stage 4 member(Elite Professional), you earn 5% of Professional Bonus of all your Direct Referrals who are in Stage 3 and 2.5% from your very first generation to deep down to infinity.
The deeper and wider you build, the bigger your Monthly Bonus.
This bonus is made active immediately you step into Elite till you become an Executive Tycoon.
$500, $1,000 and $1,500 per everything pair is paid Monthly to Elite Professional, Tycoon and Executive Tycoon respectively, provided at least a pair of follower is produced under you in your Elite Professional, Tycoon and Executive Tycoon Matrix that particular month. 
Produce at least a pair monthly to earn monthly, and you could earn $1,500, $3,000 and $4,500respectively every month by producing 3 pairs monthly.
Wao! Wao!! Wao!!!
This is Walloping And Extremely Large.
*One of The Services You Enjoy As A Member of Propreneurs World is *FREE HEALTH CARE*
*The Following Are The Free Medical Care You Can Access From Your Trainee Stage In Propreneur:*
*(1) :Wellness  Check-Up,*
*(2)  Primary Outpatient Care,*
*(3) Inpatient Care,*
*(4)  Radiological Services,*
*(5) Accidents and Emergencies,*
*(6)Maternity  Services,*
*(7)Child Care And Pediatric Services,*
*(8)Dental Care,*
*(9)Eye  Care,*
*You enjoy these medical services free of charge as a member of Propreneur.*
Now that you know all these about ProPreneurs World, what do you want to do? Join me in this journey or sit on the fence. For only N12,000 you can get started on an Entrepreneurial journey and earn a recurring income for the rest of your life.
Please note that you are not limited to having just one account in this business, you can have more than one account. 
Like I earlier mentioned, this blog is already ranking for the keyword ProPreneurs World; what it means is that when the registration goes live on the 24th of March and people start registering, I’d have lots of people joining on autopilot. 
What do you have to do? Secure a spot right away before the launch, you’d be positioned first before others. Please note that while my SEO and marketing efforts is helpful, you should also make attempt to get people to join your business. 
I’d also be training you personally on how to get lots of people to join your business using social media. To reserve a spot for yourself (first come first served basis), send an email to with “ProPreneurs World” as subject. Then in the body send your full names, phone number, address to reserve a spot. As soon as the registration opens up, I’d send you a link to make payment.
Or you can simply sign up with your debit/credit card or Prefect Money through this link >>>
I hope this makes sense.
I got to go now.

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