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I’m looking at the Propreneurs World business plan and indeed I’m overtly excited. Why? Because it will take you lesser time to be an achiever in this business compared with the time it would have taken you in other businesses.


If you missed my initial posts about ProPreneurs World, you can read it HERE and HERE to understand what the business entails. In this post, I’d be walking you through the matrix structure of Propreneurs. I want you to read this with an open mind; at the end of this post you’d also see how I can assist you to make more money in this business.


The ProPreneurs world business plan was created to help partners make multiple streams of income by leveraging on it’s awesome matrix structure.


The Matrix System is a 2 by 3 matrix looping matrix.  


Having 2 loops each is strategically employed for sustainability.


*Stage one*

* Trainee

*Senior Trainee


 *Stage 2* 


* Elite -Professional 


 *Stage 3* 

* Tycoon

* Executive Tycoon.


When you refer your first 2 partners, you would have moved to the starter level. The starter matrix is a 2 by 2 matrix system. When 6 persons leaves the feeder into the starter, you are done with the starter and now in stage 1 proper.


There is a feeder matrix system.


Once you register your first account, you remain at the feeder level. You must sponsor two people directly under your account

When 6 persons leaves the feeder into the starter, you are done with the starter and now in stage 1 proper.

Don’t forget that you will earn a total of $10 for each referrals. That’s is $10 x N300 = N3000 Naira. For each person you sponsor


Stage 1

Trainee $300- Trainee is the first stage of the plan and as a trainee you EARN as you download our entrepreneurship training materials for your learning. At this stage you will earn a total of $350.  Here, matching bonus is paid from stage 1 to 3 of your matrix plus and other incentives.


So, you make N105,000 from your first stage matrix, stage one and then you will move to the next loop of stage 1B, where you earn a total of $1,300

Matching bonuses are paid on pairing $50 @ level 1 &2, $85 @ level 3 per match.*


Stage 2 step 

Professional $19,000


This is a 2 by 3 follow your leader matrix, all your senior trainee in your team comes into your professional matrix in a progressive manner.


Your total earnings in your stage 2 step 1 is $19,000 I.e., # 5,700,000 cash


Please note here, that you get your car incentives in stage 2 level 2.


*Just in stage 2 level 2 you’ll be given another $15,000 to buy yourself an SUV car* .



 *Just 7 persons joining you in stage 2 will make your stage 2 level 2 to qualify you for this incentive.*


At this stage you earn the following 

* Matching Bonus 

Level 1- $1000

Level 2-$ 6000

Level 3-$14000


* Charity Voucher 

Level 1- $2000


*Travel funds 

Level 2- $2000


* Infinity Bonus 

$1500 Monthly for 12 Months that culminates in $18,000 * 300= # 5,400,000


* Leadership Bonus 

$4000 @ level 3 of the same level


* Monthly Merit Bonus 


Villa Funds



All these amounts to $77,000 which is equals N23,100,000


In the Propreneurs World business, when you register 15 accounts, which will cost you N180, 000 ($600), the 15 accounts will take you straight to stage one. (Your first account will be in stage 1, your next 6 accounts will be in starter level, and your 8 accounts will be in feeder stage).


 In Propreneur, the first account will earn the following:
$20 for introducing the next 2 accounts under it and $10 matching bonus for moving from feeder to starter.

Also the first account will earn $50 in starter level; total earnings by first account is $80


The subsequent 2 accounts that follow the first one will also earn $20 each for the next 4 accounts under them, and will earn additional $10 each for moving from feeder to starter. And the two accounts will earn $20 each in starter level

Earning for each of the 2 accounts = $50 each = $100

And the next 4 accounts will earn $20 each for referring the last 8 accounts, and $10 ACH for moving from feeder to starter. = $30*4= $120

Total earnings from 15 accounts registration instantly

Total $300 *N300= N 90,000 back from the N180,000 you used for registration instantly. Let’s assume you get people on your last 8 legs from the 15 accounts you opened, immediately, all your first account to the 15th account will earn a total of $400 = N120,000

If you add it to the previous N90,000= N210,000 which is more than the N180,000 you used to register.  And u just enter stage 1, you have not started earning real money at all. To complete the stage 3 (professional stage, which is our target) for the first account, we need 4096 registrations, compare to h2i where u need 8191 registrations before u collect a car.


But here in propreneurs world, you don’t need the 4096 registrations before you collect a car bonus of N4, 500,000, you only need 2048 registrations. Compare 2048 to 8191(h2i)
After the first account hits its target, you only need additional of 1024 registrations, for the next person to qualify. Can u now see how simplified and easy it is. The Propreneurs world has a far better enumeration and compensation packages compared to other companies.



Dollar exchange rate #300 per 1 dollar


N12,000 for 1 account


N24,000 for 2 account


N36,000 for 3 account


The following payment processors will be available to sign up for those people who live outside Nigeria:


Perfect Money

Dollar Wallet

Master Card


Propreneurs World Ltd is a global company.


Don’t miss out

Don’t miss out

Don’t miss out

From anywhere you’re in the world.


Registration starts from 24th march 2018.


Do you want to join the fastest growing Propreneurs World team? Would you want to benefit from the personal trainings I’d be giving to my partners? When you join my team, I’d create a web page for you to promote your business.


I’d also enroll you into my training where you’d learn how to leverage on the power of social media to get a lot of people to join your business. Also, you might benefit from spill over from all my campaigns. For example, if you type Propreneurs world in Google, you’d discover that my website is on Page One.


Do you know what that means?

It means that as the business becomes more popular, hundreds of thousands of people who use Google to search will stumble on my blog and when they join, my downline members would benefit from the spill over.

Though this is not to encourage laziness, you still need to work. It all starts with getting just two people which I’d show you how to go about it.


Want to secure your own spot before registration opens on the 24th of March, 2018? Send you full names, address, email, phone number with the subject ” Propreneurs World” to


Update: Registration is now live on the Propreneurs World website, if you’d like to go through the registration yourself, simply visit to register an account. You can make payment with your debit/credit card or perfect money. If you have any issues, feel free to WhatsAPp me on 08037193840.


See you around.


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