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Are you an affiliate with Propreneurs World and finding it difficult to sign up new downlines? Do you intend to sign up but not sure if you can get other people to join the business? If YES, then I’d advice you to read this article till the end. The major problem most people have with their network marketing business is their inability to register other people.


If you are about to quit, then chill… Because “CALVARY” is right here with you. I assume you already know about Propreneurs World, but if you don’t know what the business is about, then you can download this free eBook here >>> . 


There are basically two different media available for you to sign up people for your Propreneurs Business and they are “ONLINE” and “OFFLINE”. The online method simply means that you leverage on the power of the internet to get downlines. For the offline, you have to meet people physically, organize seminars, meetings etc. 


For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be focusing on the online medium more. This medium involves the use of the internet to get people to read about the business and make the decision to join. But for them to join, they must perceive you as some sort of authority!


For example, by reading this article you are already thinking… This guy knows what he’s doing right? There are different ways to go about online recruiting and I am going to explain them one after the other. The methods include:

1. Creating a Sales Funnel and Using Paid Facebook Ads

2. Posting on Facebook Groups

3. Posting on WhatsApp

4. Writing About The Business On Your Blog (If you have one)

5. Advertising On High Authority Websites

6. Posting Comments on Blogs


Creating a Sales Funnel and Using Paid Facebook Ads:

One of the methods that work best for me is by simply creating a funnel to collect email leads and then I send follow up emails to explain more about the business to my prospect. For example, I am giving away a FREE eBook about Propreneurs World on this link here >>>


After you enter your name, phone number and email address, you will be directed to download the free eBook where I have explained everything you need to know about the Propreneurs business. Since I have the prospects email address, I will continue sending emails and text messages to the prospects until they join.


The thing is this; not everyone will join your business immediately you introduce it to them. Some will join and others will take time to join. With email marketing, some will join you even 3 months after they saw your first email. The most important thing is to keep in touch with them.


Having a sales funnel like the one I showed you earlier is not enough, you need to run Facebook Ads to get traffic to the page. Facebook advertising is a wonderful platform to reach out to people who would be interested in your business. For example, I can set up an ad to target those people who are interested in Network Marketing and working from home.


YES, Facebook gives you that data; but you need to know how to use it. This is how I think about it… You place the right product/service with the right words, to the right people and then you make money! Facebook marketing is a skill on its own, there are hundreds of tutorials on how to use Facebook to get downlines for your Network Marketing business.


Watch The Video Below to See How to Run Facebook Ads for Your MLM Business

If you don’t have a website, you can simply use a Facebook fanpage and a messenger bot for this purposes. In one of the adverts I set up on Facebook, I didn’t use a website. I just set up the content and used the engagement option. As you can see in the image below, the post had over 30 comments for a N800 budget. I had two people sign up already from the advert. 


See Screenshot Below:

propreneurs world


Posting On Facebook Groups

Posting on Facebook groups is another means of getting success partners for your Network Marketing business. Have you ever seen a post on a Facebook group with thousands of people asking for more info? First, you need to join groups that are related to your business.


Secondly, you need to understand why people joined the group and then you craft your message in such a way that it resonates with their intent of being there. While some people post pictures of people holding money together with their content, others just use social proof to get more people to join their business.


So join as many Network Marketing groups as possible to promote your propreneurs world business. Then you post meaningful contents and ask them to contact you for more information. Make sure your post stands out from what others are posting, learn to give out value!


Posting On WhatsApp

If you have a WhatsApp application installed on your phone, then you can use it as a marketing tool for your Propreneurs World business. Instead of wasting your time, engaging in meaningless chat that doesn’t put any money into your pocket why not leverage on this avenue to make money. 


Here’s what you can do:

Create a broadcast list ( can take up to 256) contacts. You can have this list in segments. Create a separate group for your business.

Then send a broadcast message ( a short one) to the broadcast list and include the link to the group. For example you could say ” do you want to start a side business that doesn’t interfere with your current job or business? If yes, then join our WhatsApp group here >>> [Group Link].


I’m sure you have more than 256 contacts on your phone list right now, so why not get to work and use that WhatsApp to get more sign ups for your Propreneurs World business. Thank me later 🙂


Writing About The Business On Your Blog:

If you have a blog just like myself, then you have an advantage! Through my blog, I have been able to reach out to people all over the world when promoting any business. When you write a business like Propreneurs World, your blog readers get to read it and because they trust you, they will join your business. 

Want to learn about blogging? Then read this article here >>>


Advertising On High Authority Websites:

If you have the money, you can pay for a sponsored post to promote your Propreneurs World business on high authority websites like Linda Ikeji’s blog, Bella Naija, Stella Dimorko etc. These blogs have grown over time and already have a lot of traffic. All you need do is to reach out to them to get their pricing, then you write a good post that will attract people to join your business. 

Last time I checked, Linda Ikeji charged about N55,000 for a sponsored post. 


Posting Comments On Blogs:

If you don’t have enough money to pay for sponsored posts on high authority blogs, then you can use the comment option. You can actually read their blog post and in the comment section, write something reasonable, give a tip about your Propreneurs World business and ask people to contact you via email or phone.


But don’t go about spamming people’s blog, make sure you write something reasonable. These are just some of the ways that can help you get partners for your Propreneurs World business. I hope you find them useful. Have you already signed up for Propreneurs word?


Want to join my team and enjoy free trainings on how to recruit? Then download my free eBook to learn more here >>>



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