purchase value

Yesterday I got a chat from one of my Downlines, Daddy ( as She fondly calls) congrats on bagging the highest Purchase Value of the week!

Me: Really? Where did you see that?

It was posted on the “Team’s Group” and on Facebook. So I quickly went to check and saw the posted below:


purchase value


But I didn’t do it alone.

As you know, network marketing is team work. I achieved this with by personal work and also the work of my team members, most especially Ogecheee. She’s an achiever!


purchase value


The beautiful Woman up there is one of the performers in my team.


The currency of the Longrich Business is PV (Purchase Value), every product has a value assigned to it. So the more PVs you have in a week, the more money you will make that week, understood?


For example, the Longrich mouth freshener sells for N980 (partners price) and it has a 2.2 PV attached to it. What this means is that for every N980 you spend to purchase the mouth freshener, you get 2.2PV added to your total PVs.


The Longrich Libao for low libido and premature ejaculation sells for N9,800 and has 23 PVs attached to it. So for every Libao you buy, you have 23 PV attached to your total PVs.


But How Can These PVs Translate to Money?

Let’s say you signed up as a QSilver member for the Longrich business with N25,000 (60PVs), then the first week you sign up 3 people with let’s say VIP package of N750,000 each (1680PV) here’s what you will earn.


The QSilver plan gives you 8% of your team’s activities every week. Now you have 1680 PVs on three legs, Longrich takes one leg. Let’s do the Maths:

1680PV + 1680PV = 3,360 PVs

8% of 3,360 = 268.8 PVs

The exchange rate for Longrich is N200 per dollar (amount is fixed in case of fluctuation).

N200 * 268.8 = N53,760

Not bad right?


How Can You Generate PVs?

1. By Registering New Members: When you register a new member to the Longrich business and they pay, they’d be giving products and as you already know, the products all have a value.


The PVs accumulated by the new partner signed under you will count for you. Every registration in Longrich comes with physical product you can use or sell and as you have already read, each of these products come with a purchase value.


2. By Purchasing Products: When you do an upgrade by buying products with your code or any of your team members buy products directly, you accumulate purchase value with adds up and determines that amount of money you’d make from the Longrich business every week.


Do you want to learn more about the Longrich business and how you can start generating purchase value as a member? If yes, then read my detailed article by >>> CLICKING HERE <<<


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