Atlantic Global Asset Management: 3 Ways to Earn Money From Questra

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I love multiple streams of income! I also love the fact that I can make money from Atlantic Global Asset Management even in my sleep! I love global businesses because you can set up an Ad campaign, or a blog post and someone outside your geographical location can see it and join your business.


If you haven’t joined Atlantic Global Asset Management, then you should JOIN HERE or read my post HERE where I wrote an in-depth article about the A.G.A.M business.


In this article, I’d teach you the 3 awesome ways to make money from Atlantic Global Asset Management.

1. Earn 4-6% Without Referral: One of the reasons why I joined Atlantic Global Asset Management is the fact that you don’t necessarily have to refer anyone to earn between 4-6% of your money every Friday.


The percentage earned depends on the investment portfolio you are registering with. For example, if you sign up and purchase an investment portfolio of say 90 Euros, you’d get 4% of your money every Friday.


Find below the sheet below that shows you how many percentage you’d earn from your investment.


atlantic global asset management

From the picture above, you can see how many percentage you’d get paid when you invest a particular amount of money. The white portfolio of 90 Euros gives you 208% after 52 weeks. When you divide that you’d get 4% every week. 


2. Earn From 5% When You Refer People to Join A.G.A.M: Even though you can make money without referring people, Atlantic Global Asset Management Company has made it even juicier for you to get paid when you refer an investor to purchase a portfolio.


As a beginner, you can at least 5% when you sign up an investor. For example, I earned 40.5 Euros by signing up an investor who purchased a portfolio of 810 Euros. Find screenshot below. The referral commission is not limited to 5%, it increases as your level increases.

atlantic global asset management


3. Earn From Team Portfolio Purchases: Did you know that Questra pays you when your team accumulate specific investment volumes? For example, if everyone in your team accumulates 25,000 Euros, you get 1,000 Euro bonus.

Awesome right?

Let’s say for example, you refer 5 people into your Atlantic Global Asset Management business who purchase portfolios of 810 Euros each, that’s a total of 4050 Euros.


If these 5 people in turn refer 5 people each (25 altogether) who also purchase a 810 Euro portfolio, when you multiply these figures you get 20,250 Euros. Add these figures you’d get 24,300 Euros.  You would require more 700 Euros to hit 25,000 Euros; once that happens you will earn 1,000 Euros. Good stuff right?

atlantic global asset management bonuses


Now that you know all these, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Sign up with Atlantic Global Asset Management By Clicking Here
  2. Purchase an Investment Portfolio (Purchase a higher portfolio if you can)
  3. Set up a Marketing System to Promote Your Business


Do you want to join A.G.A.M Questra and don’t have a leader to guide you? Do you want me to set up a marketing system for you FREE of charge when you sign up? If YES, then CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM


After you join, make sure you email me on or WhatsApp me on 08037193840 so I can guide you on how to purchase a portfolio. I will also add you to my WhatsApp group where you’d learn how to grow your business.


I got to go now.

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