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Good morning beautiful people! I’m excited to share another milestone earned from my Atlantic Global Asset Management business. Only just yesterday, I set up a Facebook Ad campaign for my business, I sent the traffic straight to my “mediocre Landing Page”.

I call it mediocre because it was done in a rush with lots of errors, but yet the conversion was awesome. I’d have to do the corrections today. Anyway, in this post I’d be sharing how I earned another 13.5 Euros as referral bonus on Questra.


If you missed my article where I talked about how I earned 40.5 Euros from Questra, you can READ IT BY CLICKING HERESo basically what I did was to send traffic to my landing page like I earlier explained in my last post. The landing page or squeeze page collects email addresses of my prospects and after they subscribed they get redirected to my sales page.


On my sales page, you will find a first video (more like an introduction) that gives you a brief of what the business is about. The second video provides you with the complete information about Atlantic Global Asset Management. Anyone who watches the video is obviously interested in the business.


The next step would be for my prospects to sign up on the Atlantic Global Asset Management website. I actually configured these links to open up in a new page so my prospects don’t get to leave the sales page. Then finally is a link that asks them to join my WhatsApp Group


You see why I love my prospecting system is that it saves me a lot of time and stress talking to people. I target the exact people who are interested in my Atlantic Global Asset Management business using Facebook plus a very powerful software that helps me generate targeted leads.


As you can see in the image below, I have only spent $20.49 on Facebook adverts for my Atlantic Global Asset Management campaign. The Ads has generated 451 link clicks.


Figure 1

atlantic global asset management

You can also see in figure 2 that I have gotten 194 email subscribers and 24 sign ups on my Questra back office. Only 2 people have activated a portfolio as at this time of writing. 


Figure 2

atlantic global asset management


Figure 3

atlantic global asset management


As you can see from Figure 3 above, I have gotten 54 registered partners, 36 of them were registered this week and two of them have purchased a portfolio. Not bad right?


If you want to make more money from Atlantic Global Asset Management, then you need to have a system that works. Even though it’s not mandatory to refer people before you earn in this business, you can make more money when you refer!


What if I showed you the exact system that helps me get targeted prospects to join my business from the comfort of my home, would you be interested? Do you want to learn the secrets of my Atlantic Global Asset Management business?


Then join my business, visit

You can email me on or WhatsApp 08037193840


I got to run now.

Until next time







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