Atlantic Global Asset Management – How I Made 40.5 Euros From Questra In 24 Hours

atlantic global asset management

I woke up this morning 8th October, 2017 to a notification that I had earned 40.5 Euros from my Atlantic Global Asset Management business. While it might not look like much, it’s still money! There’s a popular saying that goes thus “Drops of Water Makes a Might Ocean”.


40.5 Euros in 1000 places is 40,500 Euros right? I’m on a journey to achieve that figure and I’m giving myself a target between now and March 2017, I would have earned that figure from Atlantic Global Asset Management. I can boldly say this because I have a system that works.


Two days ago, I set up a campaign for my Atlantic Global Asset Management business on Facebook.

The campaign was scheduled to spend $5 every day on Facebook ads. By the second day, I’d gotten over 40 email optins and 11 registrations on my Questra account. Then today, one of my subscribers purchased the 810 Euros portfolio.

See Screenshot Below:

atlantic global asset management


How Did I Achieve This?

In this article, I’d tell you what to do and how I did it. In order to get people to join your business, you need to have a system that converts. There are certain tools that you need to create your marketing system and they are:


  1. A 2 paged website ( you need a domain name and hosting account)
  2. An email auto-responder
  3. A Facebook business page
  4. Advertising budget ( could be from $5 per day)


1. A 2 Paged Website:

I started my campaign by creating a sub-domain on my blog, here’s the link to the landing page As you can see from that page, when visitors get to the page, they would be required to enter their email address and phone number.


As soon as they do that, they get redirected to where they’d see 3 videos in the sequence, introductory video, the main business presentation then the last shows them how to purchase an investment portfolio. There’s also a link to register a FREE account on Questra.


Lastly, I added a link to my WhatsApp group. I want to be able to chat with my prospects in real time after they have seen the business opportunity. I love automated systems a lot because it helps you free up time so you can focus on other things.


2. Auto-Responder:

An auto-responder is a software responsible for capturing and storing the emails of your prospects who signed up on the squeeze page. The auto-responder automatically redirects them to the next page and automatically send them emails which you must have scheduled before your campaign.


There are different kinds of auto-responders offered online but the major ones include Getresponse, aWeber, Traffic Wave etc. Some of these auto-responder services offer one month for FREE but you get charged for subsequent months.


3. Facebook Fanpage:

A Facebook fanpage portrays what your business is all about; I created a different Fan page specifically for this business. I love to create a new Fanpage for every off my business. After setting up and optimizing my FanPage, I create two posts at least so that visitors can see some contents after they like my page.

4. Advertising budget:

In order to make money, you need to spend money. People need to see your business in order to do business with you. If you have some items for sale and you put it in your wardrobe will anyone buy? Hell NO! So you need to spend money on advert… Just like YouTube is spending money on Nigerian bill boards.

Advertising on Facebook could be sometimes cumbersome and you might get overwhelmed when you don’t get results. In order to get the best results from your Facebook ads there are certain things you need to consider. 

i. The message on your squeeze page

ii. Which group of people is your message speaking to?

iii. How much are you willing to spend on Ads

If you push your message to the wrong audience, you will not get any conversion! You can’t be selling weight loss pills and target people who want to make money. If you get these things correctly, your ads will convert and you will get less cost per click because the right people would respond to your ad campaign.

Did you know there’s a software that can help you get targeted people for your product or service? The result this software produces is orgasmic and when you combine it with a Facebook messenger BOT, your results will skydive! I used to same software to set up my campaigns that earned me 40.5 Euros in 24 hours.

Here’s what the software does:

It scrapes emails from targeted groups: For example, a weight loss group would likely have lots of people interested in losing weight right? So you can use this software to scrape emails from this group and then use the same emails to set up a custom audience on Facebook. With your custom audience, you can go a step further to create a look alike audience.

Facebook will automatically check for people that look like the audience you have uploaded and serve your Ad to those people. The power of this softwares are thunderous!

Did you know you can set up a Facebook messenger bot to auto-reply comments on your Facebook Ads? With this software, you don’t necessarily need an auto-responder because the BOT will act like your auto-responder.

Apart from using these tools for your atlantic global asset management business, they also work for eCommerce business. If you have products to sell, you will make more than 300% ROI in no distant time when you set up your Facebook ads with these tools.

So that’s basically what I did to achieve results in my atlantic global asset management business. You can see attached screenshot of my earning from the campaign I told you about. If you want to have access to these tools, I’m making an offer.

1. Join my Questra business and I’d give you access to all the tools you need to succeed. The Questra investment portfolio starts from 90 Euros, then 270 Euros, then 810 Euros, then 2430 Euros etc.

But I need real business minded people that can start up with at least 270 Euros. When you join, I’d also show you 10 hot products you can sell online and how you can import them for dirt cheap.


2. Not interested in my business? Why shouldn’t you? Well, I’d give you access to the tools for a FEE. Interested? WhatsApp 08037193840 or email me on

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