A Strategic Formula for Making 6-7 Figures Every Month From Real Estate With Almost Zero Percent Investment  

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When people hear about Real Estate investment, the first thing that comes to mind is ” I don’t have a huge capital to get started”. But of the truth, you can make money from Real Estate with almost zero percent capital.


There are basically three or more ways to make money from the booming Real Estate industry, while two of these ways involve investing monies upfront in properties, the third way which I would be discussing doesn’t require any upfront payment.


The first and most popular way of making money from real estate is to buy a piece of land, build a number of flats on it and rent it out. If you are living in a rented apartment, I’m sure you already understand what I am talking about.


Let’s say you decide to build a 2 storey building of 12 (2 bedroom flats) and you decide to rent each of the flats for N500,000. When you punch your calculator, you will receive a total of N6,000,000 for one year. If you break that down into 12 months, it means that you would have earned N500,000 per month.


But in order for this to have happened, you would have probably spent more than N15,000,000 in building the house. Give or take, it will require 2 years or more of rent to cover the money invested in building the houses. The good thing is that after you have recouped the monies for erecting the structure, any other money is profit.


Except for when you have to fund repairs or any other eventuality that happens in the building.


As you can see already, you need to have some cool millions to engage in this type of real estate investment. If you don’t have that, then read on as I explain to you how to invest with no cash down.


Method 2:

Buy, Hold & Sell!

I’m sure you have heard about the stories of people who bought landed property in the Lekki axis of Lagos for N500,000 or there about; after a couple of years, they were able to sell for up to N100,000,000.


You can invest in real estate by engaging in the buy, hold and sell strategy. Basically, you buy land in areas that have the potential to develop in a few years, you hold the land and you sell when the area has developed.


This kind of investment also required a good amount of money and it also takes time for the property to appreciate. It’s a good way to invest but you need to be patient and have some money to part with.


Method 3:

Connect Sellers to Buyers and Earn 15-25% Commission

You might already be familiar with what I am about to explain to you but just before you think you know it all, CHILL and keep reading. You can make 6-7 figures every month as a smart real estate agent.


I don’t mean like those kind of agents that usually converge in one corner of the street looking for people to rent houses. If you are reading this message, then you can use the strategic formula I am about to reveal to you since you have access to internet.


In order for this to work, first you need adequate training. You need to get trained to learn how to leverage on the power of Facebook to sell real estate. Did you know that with Facebook, you can sell property to people from the comfort of your home?


Oh YES, you simply set up an ad and direct them to the page where they will find details about the Landed property. Once they fill the form, you can then call them and schedule for inspection. If you are not chanced to go for the inspection, you have nothing to worry about.


Their details have already been captured, once they make payment, the system will recognize the client came for you and you get paid. Good stuff right? The most important skill you need for this to work is “Social Media Marketing”.


A lot of people don’t know this, but hundreds of Real Estate agents work at home and make real money. Secondly, you can make money from other people’s effort. Do you know you can make 5% from any property that’s sold through any of your partners?


I want to show just 50 people this same strategy in a free video training; plus you will also have access to the real estate company that offers top notch real estate training that will help you excel in your real estate marketing.

With the advent of the internet, selling has now become easier for those who have adequate knowledge about digital marketing. Do you want to take the free training that will help you make 6-7 figures income every month from Real Estate with zero cash down?


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