How to Make 6-7 Figures Every WEEK From Longrich Business

Important: The Video Below Summarizes The Longrich Business and It's Important You Watch It to Avoid Unecessary Questions

From the desk of Victor Agina

  • Are you broke, unemployed or under employed?
  • Is your current income not enough to take care of you and your family?
  • Will you like to make good money every Thursday from the comfort of your home?  


If you answered yes to any of the above, then this letter is meant for you. Once again my name is Victor, I'm a digital marketer and partner with Longrich biosciences. By leveraging on the power of the internet, I've been able to build a team of over 104 people.  


I believe you read the article on my blog and to a large extent you understand what the Longrich business is about. Listen,  I'm not about to sweet talk you into joining this business, neither am I going to beg you to join. The decision is entirely yours and if you are not making enough money, if you find yourself :  



  • Still borrowing money
  • Still waiting for your husband to drop money or else you can't even afford to buy your panties        
  • Still crying about how bad the economy is and how broke you are  


Then you need to have a re-think! It's high time you break out of self pity and start doing the things that are guaranteed to help you make money. Someone once said, "if you are broke then it' your fault"! Many years ago I thought the guy was just being an ass an sarcastic, but if you look at it critically he has a point!  


A lot of people go about complaining about how bad the economy is, how there is no light and how the roads are bad but there are lots of opportunities in this same country and smart people are making millions of Naira every week. If you are a complainant, then you need to set yourself free by joining the Longrich business.  


Nobody will save you if you don't save yourself, nobody is ready to give you money if you don't work for money! Nobody is even ready to pity you! People don't give out money these days to those who beg them, instead they will give you money if you present to them an opportunity that will help them make money. They will give you money if you have solution to their health problems.  


As a partner with Longrich, you don't just make money, you also get a free international trip, cars, scholarships and other amazing benefits when you qualify. Every Thursday I get paid from this amazing business, I've been into a couple of businesses but I discovered that the Longrich business is the best among the others, why?  


Once you are able to build a team of people and teach them how to run their business independently then you'd definitely make money every week. The other businesses I have done is stressful, it's a one Man show and when I'm not working, the business will be redundant!  

   Want to See Proof That Longrich Pays?

I don't want to talk too much, but I am ready to help you make money only if you FREE yourself of fear, uncertainty, doubt and join me in this business. I have provided a detailed training on how to leverage on the use of the internet to get people to join your business, so once you sign up someone I'd give that person access to the training and in turn that person will replicate the business. Imagine having up to 1000 people or more working with you?  


I don't know what you are thinking right now, you might be saying oh this referral stuff I don't think I have time for it... Or oh, I'm too shy or just maybe you are saying I don't want my money to hang. Listen, once you partner with Longrich, you will have instant access to your products.   So it's not like MMM or any of those ponzi schemes, you get value for your money immediately.


So even if the company folds up, you are sure not to lose anything. You get it right? You can either sell or use the products, it entirely depends on you.   When you use the products and tell people about how amazing the products are, you'd pique their interest and if they want to purchase the product you imply tell them that they can get the products at distributor price if they register with the company.

 More Proof That Longrich Is Good Business:


Longrich is a life changing business, but it's not for lazy people! It's designed for only those serious minded people who want to move to the next level. Are you ready to move from where you are now financially to where you ought to be?


Benefits of Joining My Team:

  • Access to high quality digital marketing training (How to get people to sign up under you even if you were a shy person)
  • Spill - Overs: As at this moment, I cannot possible refer anyone directly under me again as my legs are filled. So what I do is to look at the downlines who have made effort and I register people under them
  • BONUS: Mini importation video training on how to import products for dirt cheap price from China and sell for 10x profit
  • Access to life changing personal development books.  


Do you want to enjoy financial freedom by working just a few hours from the comfort of your home? Do you want to be able to cater for yourself and your family without ever depending on anybody?  


If YES, then choose from any of the entry levels below, fill the form, make payment to the Longrich bank account and send me all the info via Whatsapp by clicking the Whatsapp link below. Remember, if you do nothing to make a change, there will never be a change!    



Here are the entry levels, you will be given Longrich products worth the exact amount you paid.


1) VIP -1680 PVs (Purchase value/Points value) -
N750,000 (earn 1% share of global sales from 188 countries where Longrich operates) + 12% weekly bonus!

2) PLATINUM - 720PVs -
N320,000 (earns 12% weekly bonus)

3) GOLD - 240PVs -
N100,000 - (earns 10% weekly bonus)

4) SILVER - 120PVs
N50,000 (earns 8% weekly bonus)

N25,000 (earns 8% weekly bonus)

6) Become a Longrich stockist (Major distributor) and get paid by Longrich 6% of any product sold in your shop to partners.

Junior stockist: N3,000,000 (You get 4% of the total sales from your shop in a month)

Senior stockist: N7,500,000 ( You get 6% of the total sales from your shop in a month)

7) Starter pack-  4 PV *N9800     



Applicant Full Name:
Phone no:
Date of birth:
Name of bank:
Acc holders name:
Acct no.:

Acc Name=Longliqi Int'l Nig Ltd.
Acc no: 1012908177
Bank=Zenith Bank

You will collect your products after registration at our Stockist office in ur location.

Do not click on the Whatsapp link to chat me below if you have not made payment. I don't have time for people who are not serious. Only chat me up after you have paid by clicking the link below. You can also send payment proof via email: ´╗┐and you can call me on 08037193840

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