How to Make 6-7 Figures Every Month As a Repro10x Affiliate


Okay guys, this post is about making money from repro10x. Incase you don’t know, Repro is a real estate company with a difference. First, they take you in as an affiliate for FREE and then they give you access to training material worth more than N100,000 value for FREE. There are hundreds of Real Estate companies in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole, but I haven’t seen anyone that provides the value that Repro10x does. 


Repro10x is one I can recommend, why? They are different! Repro provides you with all the necessary training that will help you sell property and earn 15% direct commission or 5% indirect commission. And guess what? Their training is for FREE! Other Real Estate companies that I know will usually charge you a fee to become a partner and have access to their training.


Let me not bore you with too many epistles, the question you are likely asking is ” How do I Make 6-7 Figures from Repro10x?”. It’s simple! First you have to sign up as an affiliate of Repro. After you go through the registration process, you need to quickly check your email and verify your account. Once done, then login to your dashboard, click on academy and go through the training. 


The training provided by Repro10x is top notch, apart from the fact that it helps you learn how to sell landed properties, you can also apply what you learn to every other business. Now that you know this, the question is how then do you make 6-7 figures a month.


Let’s do a little calculation here; Repro10x pays you a whooping 15% when you help them sell a property. They will also pay you 5% when you register someone who makes a sale. So let’s say you sign up today and then by the end of the week, you refer a client who purchases a land for N5,000,000, you will get a whooping N750,000 as commission.


Okay let me use another scenario, let’s say you refer 2 people to join Repro10x for free and each of these two people sell lands worth N5,000,000, you will get 5% from each sale, which is 10%. Do that Mathematics, your total earnings will amount to N500,000. Good stuff right?


But hey, just before you get excited… You cannot achieve this feat if you don’t put into action what you learned from the FREE training. With the FREE training, you will learn how to make use of Facebook to get customers to purchase land and also how to refer affiliates to join your business and boost your sales. 


Think about this for a while, imagine having 200 affiliates under you and every month just 5 or 10 of them make a sale of N5,000,000 each! Punch your calculator and do the numbers :). Please always remember, no food for lazy Man… So why not get to work right away, join Repro10x by CLICKING HERE 


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