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Your employees are one of the most important aspects of your business. Without them your business will literally stop functioning. Which is why there is so much importance on making sure that your employees are happy in their roles and in their work environment.

A happy employee will work harder, be more creative and be more loyal to the company; if you are treated fairly and live what you do, are you likely to move elsewhere where you don’t know if you will receive the same treatment?

Retaining good employees will always benefit your company – they know the business extremely well, can be trusted to work to the best standards, and will come up with new and exciting ventures for the company to grow into.


So when you’re looking to hire new employees, you need to make sure that any prospective staff members are the right people for your business. If you hire the wrong person it can easily throw off the whole dynamic of your team, as well as disrupt the work flow within the workplace.

Obviously you never know how someone is going to be in the long run, as the persona you see in an interview setting is always going to be that person on their best behaviour. You need to attract the right person, interview in a way that will give you the best chance of seeing the real them, and explore other avenues to employ new staff.



When advertising the role, you need to make sure that you are detailed and specific as this will help to ensure that only people qualified for the role apply. Make a list of what you need the applicant to have – ie any key skills or qualifications, and then one that you would like them to have – ie extra experience.

Just because someone doesn’t tick every box on the second list doesn’t mean that they aren’t right for the role, but you’ll be able to give a clear indication to prospective applicants exactly what you are looking for.

When writing your job description, word it in a way that relates to your company; if you’re a fast paced business full of creative minds, then make sure that comes across. Be specific in what will be expected of the new employee, and on what the employee can expect from the company.



Once you start receiving applications, you can start vetting them. There will be people who have applied that don’t fit the needed criteria at all, and some that meet most of it – don’t discount the latter straight away, see what else they have to offer first. Obviously the ideal candidate on paper will tick every box, but that doesn’t mean that they are right for your team.

Interviewing a number of applicants with a range of skills and experience is better than choosing between two identical applicants. You should also look at the grammar and layout of the application – if they have stated that they are detail oriented but have made typos, then you have to think that maybe they aren’t that much.



As mentioned before, one huge part of a successful interview is to figure out the real person behind the best behaviour. And the best way to do that is to create a comfortable and casual setting where the applicant can feel at ease, and ask creative questions.

The reused questions you expect from any interview might be great for covering the basics, but you need to get the person talking rather than delivering rehearsed answers.

By making the candidate feel at home, it will hopefully counteract some of the nerves they will undoubtedly be feeling at the time. Don’t promise anything to anyone until you have interviewed everyone, and make sure you are ready to make concessions in benefits and pay depending on experience and qualifications the candidate has.



Other than advertising on your site and on jobs sites, look at contacting recruitment agencies too. Most agencies specialize in a particular industry, like for a payroll recruitment agency; Portfolio Payroll would be a good choice.

They will have many full time, part time, and temporary workers ready to fill the gap. This can be a hassle free hiring process, but you should still interview the potential candidates.


In House Promotion

There are, undoubtedly, some amazing people already working in your company. So if the role is above the basic level, why not open it up to your existing staff first? Yes you would then have to fill their position, but in home promotion can have two main benefits.

The first is that it’s a great incentive for loyalty amongst your employees; career progression is something everyone wants, so if you can, then make it happen.

The second is that you have spent time training this person, and they have become extremely knowledgeable about your company, so the tradition to a new role will be a lot smoother for everyone. They are already part of the team, so there will be no bruised egos or adjustments needed.



As we have said before, just because someone doesn’t have all of the desired experience, doesn’t mean that they aren’t right for the role. Graduates are great at absorbing new information, they self-teach constantly, work to deadlines individually and as part of a team.

They can be a huge asset to your company, and a fresh pair of eyes on your projects. Plus, they all have huge student loans that need paying off. You can hire directly through universities by creating a graduate scheme, or you can merely advertise it as a graduate role.

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