Is It True? Are People Scared To Shop Online?


You’ve probably heard a lot of stories in the media over the past few years about people being scared to shop online. You never just know if these stories are representative of the majority or just a few people.


However, they’re certainly making the news, which has the ability to alter customers’ views very quickly. Before long, you might find that your flourishing business no longer gets as many payments online.





So, let’s start by analyzing the causes of the fear. Those who feel that online shopping is too dangerous feel that way because of privacy reasons. It’s not too much of a surprise when we hear of stories about data breaches, some of which are very publicized at the time.


When this happens to some of the bigger companies out there, it strikes fear into the hearts of some. “If they can’t protect our data, no other company can,” they might say. This is understandable, and it’s why you need to take security very seriously.



How do you do this as a company? There are multiple ways to protect your online payments. Firstly, securing your website through HTTPS is possibly the most important thing of all. An SSL certificate ensures that your site is secure and not being intercepted by an outside party.


Also, the same thing goes for payments, where you’ll ideally be able to support secure options like PayPal. The more security you can implement in your payments, the better.



But, why else do customers decide to stay away? Some of them are very much set in their ways. They don’t understand the internet as well as they understand credit cards and cash, so they avoid it. They simply don’t know if they’re doing something wrong, and this is a scary prospect.


This might be a reason to look at getting a credit card machine for in-store purposes, as a last resort if nothing else. You might even be able to get a mobile card reader and bring it to them. It’s better than losing the sale!










There are a lot of other potential fears about online payments. One of the most popular ones centers around an inability to talk to a human during the process. Think about it. When you’re in-store, you get treatment from a representative the whole way.


If you’re doing something complicated like buying a phone, you might genuinely need this. What if you can’t put it together? What if you don’t know how it works? What if it’s broken when you take it out the box?


This is why customer service can be so important to your online business. You don’t get an easy pass just because you’re not dealing with face-to-face encounters all that regularly. Implementing an effective live chat or phone support service is crucial.




Unless you can convince potential customers that they’ll be looked after, they have every right to be fearful. Are people scared to shop online? Some of them, for sure. It’s your job to convince them that your services are secure and offer plenty of support. Good luck!

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