small business ideas

small business ideas

More and more people want to begin their business as early as possible. But the best time to start a business is when you found a partner and have formed a stable couple. No matter where you have met, on some trustworthy online dating website or in your local pub, you share the same interests and beliefs, this is the most important thing that allows you to have a common business. In this article, we are going to share with you small business ideas for young couples.


1. Kite making

You can learn how to make kites from the guides on the Internet, and it won’t take a lot of money to buy materials. You will need wooden slats or metal tubes to make the frame, then fabric or paper for the “body” of the kite, winder, fishing line, and mount. When improving your art, you can create a whole line of kites from inexpensive to premium options.


2. Fire show

Fire shows are not a business idea for everyone. The main thing in this matter is mastering the skill of fire and developing a unique stage program. Large investments are not required since you need about one thousand dollars to buy the basic equipment (poi, staff, fans, and other devices). You will also need to purchase or create costumes for performances.


3. Off-road Tours

Off-road tours (jeep tours) are a business idea for those who live in mountains, deserts, forests, and fields. Your main problems are to choose a nice vehicle, creating an exciting route, and promotion. There are many options for making money: you can organize tours on your cars, rent them out or rent an equipped track to make competitions among owners of jeeps, ATVs, etc. The highest demand for jeep tours exists in resort towns.


4. Making gingerbread houses

Gingerbread houses are easy to manufacture and give a unique splash of creative energy. With each product, you can implement new ideas by turning a hobby into art, and gingerbread cookies into castles. Besides, gingerbread cookies are stored for a long time, which allows you to make reserves for future use before the holidays. Depending on the size, gingerbread houses have different prices.


5. Antique shop

If you have a passion for history and its material world, you can organize a business selling antiques: household items, coins and stamps, old books, phonograph records, paintings, and much more. There are many ways how you can earn money in this business. For example, one sold item can bring 99% of all profits.


6. Detective agency

Opening a detective agency does not necessarily require large investments, and you can earn money both on private customers and on orders of legal entities. But the idea of this business as a romantic affair may be slightly spoiled by practice. Usually, detectives have very boring and monotonous jobs. Plus, you will have to get a license. So, this is a very romantic, but pretty much useless idea suitable only for the real fans of the detective job.


7. Drawing on stones with acrylic paint

With talent, a cool souvenir can be made from anything. Even the most ordinary stones can be sold for a lot of money if you manage to present them to the buyer in an unusual form. If you have a very nice imagination, you won’t struggle to find ideas on what to paint on those stones.


8. Psychological Salon

The Psychological Salon is a new and exciting business format for women, which has parallels with the salon culture of the 18th-19th centuries when secular ladies organized various literary, political, artistic, and other circles. The hostess of the psychological salon is usually a woman who conducts psychological master classes, training, and games for her guest clients. Interestingly, such a business can be started even without a psychological education and with relatively small investments.

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