3 of the Best Ways to Keep Your Small Business Safe

small business

Any small business owner will face a whole host of decisions through their day, from suppliers to use, to when the best time to tweet is, to who to hire. The severity of the choices will vary and the results of some choices can be dealt with easily or changed in time.


But there are choices around the safety and security of your business that will not be so easily dealt with. Which is why making the right choices in the first place, and then keeping on top of it all is going to be much better for your business in the long term; there is very little margin for error when it comes to this.


So here are some of the steps that you can take to make sure that your small business is kept safe and secure, so that it can keep growing and being more successful over time.


small business




Strong Physical Locks


There is certain software and things like passwords that you can put into place to keep your online side of the business secure. But what about the physical side of the business? If you have an office space, a warehouse, or other kind of building that holds things for your business, then you have to think of the physical security of those places.


CCTV is, of course, a must for that kind of thing. But strong physical locks is a must too. Make sure that you have trustworthy people locking up, and alarms in place. This kind of loss can be less detrimental than a cyber loss or attack, but it can still set your business back money and time when something goes wrong.


Protect From Phishing


There can be many emails that you will get sent that are ‘phishing’ emails looking for you to get sucked into what they are saying, by then clicking a link or opening a file that could cause some damage. You and any employees need to know about this kind of thing.


If you see emails with spelling mistakes that are trying to be a large company that you use (like PayPal, for example), or there is an odd request in the email or an unfamiliar link, make sure that you avoid and delete. If you have employees that are unaware of this type of thing, then it can mean wasted time and damage to your computer system.


If something like that does happen, then having some software in place beforehand will minimize the damage. There are plenty of options to choose from, but an article like this one https://budgetboost.co/identityforce-vs-identity-guard-review/, could be a good place to start. Prevention is much better than cure in this instance.




Passwords are so important to help protect your business, but they should also be changed pretty regularly too. Using a password manager, much like the ones in this article https://uk.pcmag.com/password-managers/4296/the-best-password-managers can be a good thing to look into, as it will help to automate the process. Keep the whole team caning them regularly to give yourself an extra line of defense.

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