How to Start a Business That Doesn’t Interfere With Your Current Job or Business


Everybody needs an extra money, but not everyone can go through the stress of starting a business, especially a traditional brick and mortar business. Over the past 5 years I have discovered that most people need an easy way out to earn extra money, that’s why they lost their monies and will keep losing their monies to ponzi schemes.



If you find yourself in this category of people, then it’s time to change your mindset! To be quite frank with you, it’s hard to get a reliable b.usiness system that will promise to give you 50-100% of your investment that won’t crumble. Why? Because most of such programs are not dependable, they are designed to last for a short period of time…. Then they rip you off your hard earned money.



What I am saying is easy to understand for a real b.usiness minded person. Even the Banks know they cannot afford to give you that outrageous ROI because they will not make it. If you are reading this article right now then it’s likely that you want to start up a business that will yield more money. Let me start by asking you a these questions:


1. What do you do currently? Do you work a paid job or you have an existing business?

2. Why do you need an extra income?

3. How many hours can you put into a new business venture?

4. Do you have time to manage a brick and mortar business?

5. If NO, do you have an idea of any business you can start up that doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?



Okay, okay…. Enough of the questions. You can keep the answers! If you are looking for a business that doesn’t interfere with what you are currently doing, then I have just one word for you… “Network Marketing Is The Way For You”. I know you are probably pissed right now, I understand if it’s not cool with you. I used to be like you until I understood the concept of Network Marketing B.usiness.



No matter how much you hate Network Marketing business and think it’s impossible to succeed, a lot of other people are making a whole lot of money from this business. What’s more interesting about this business is the fact that you don’t have to quit what you are presently doing.


One reason why most people hate MLM is because they are misinformed! Yes… most MLM marketers misrepresent their companies by providing false information to their prospects just to get them to join their b.usiness. Sometime last year, I was talking to somebody about a MLM business opportunity and she argued with me when I tried to explain the matrix system to her.



She told me that someone else had convinced her to join on the basis that she’d get XYZ amount of money at the end of the month when she joins with ABC amount of money. We argued about it, so I asked her to call the person who gave her that information. To cut the long story short, the lady claimed that was the same information given to her by the person who signed her up.



Another reason is their inability to get other people to join their team. If you have a Facebook, WhatsApp, BBM, Twitter, Instagram accounts etc. I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t be able to get people to join your network. Personally, I have never recruited any of my family members into my business. Most of my sign ups come from social media!



Did you know you can make a simple post on Facebook or broadcast on WhatsApp and then have people join your business? It’s all about planning and strategy! Let me show you a post I made on my Facebook wall recently so you can relate with that.


make money


This post was made on the 20th of May, 2017. As you can see from the image above, that post has 47 comments. A few minutes after I made that post, my inbox was flooded with people who indicated interest in joining the business. All I did was to recommend the business to them and a few of them have indicated interest in coming onboard by Monday.


Do you still think the Network Marketing business is difficult? Let me shock you more with some other results I have achieved from my campaigns on Facebook. 









These results are from one of the campaigns I set up on Facebook. For this method to work for you, it’s imperative that you have a website of your own and some digital marketing skills which I can willingly teach you for FREE when you join my MLM Business



Can you now see that Network Marketing business is not that difficult? Like I said earlier on, what you need to succeed in this business is a good strategy. But first, you need to have an in-depth understanding of what your business is about. You cannot sell a product or service when you don’t have an understanding of how it works.



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