Setting up a Great System for Your Startup

When you are in the middle of planning your business launch, it is the perfect time to start looking into what technologies you would like to work with. No one is saying that the ones that you choose to work with will be your holy grail from now until forever, but usually, if you like the way something works you are much more likely to stick with it.

Adopting these early on it your processes will be very beneficial. If you have a solid system, when you have freelancers or the room in your budget to hire full-time employees finally you can introduce them to ‘how things work.’





For internal communications, you can check out a platform like Slack. It’s a team messaging platform, and you can work with hundreds of people in different channels. Set up a workspace and you can collaborate in seconds. It also works with apps like Dropbox, Trello, Google Drive and more.


Email. The old school driving force behind basically every company. There are so many different options when it comes to emails now, a couple of things to consider.

While millions of clients will email, the market is moving on slightly; more people are starting to use text as a method to get in touch with companies. Having a landline texting for business system. Simple meaning you can allow a user to send and receive texts from their emails. Handy.


For project management, the most prominent contenders are Asana, Wunderlist, and Trello. They all have different strengths, so you will have to try out each one and see what you like the most. Asana is great for bigger teams and is free up to 15 members.

Meaning that if you take on a slightly larger project than usual and need to hire freelancers, you can comfortably do so. Asana also has a beautiful UI. If you want speed and have a small team, or even want to keep track of your to-do then Wunderlist is fabulous.

Trello has a simple to use interface and is perfect for people who subscribe to the Scrum methodology, and like the others comes with a free option. Try all of them out and see what you feel most comfortable with.


Customer support or ticketing. This is going to play a vital role in the communication between you and your clients and you need to get it right. As mentioned above you can also employ a text/email service, making it quicker for customers to reach you and get a response.


After that? Look at Zendesk, for larger teams as it integrates seamlessly into your social channels, chat, and email, it costs just $5 a month per agent, so if there is only you, it is still worth considering. Autoresponders in Facebook have had their moment and unless you set them up well and maintain that as a frontline you need something else too.


There is so much more to add to this, but the above apps will get you well on your way to being a streamlined start-up and a great system in place for growth.


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