Surprisingly Helpful Apps For Restaurant Owners


Right now the restaurant industry is buzzing with innovation. Just like every other sector, it hasn’t been able to avoid the digital tsunami. And neither should it try. Restaurant owners and managers can now benefit from a whole host of business-enhancing apps. So what’s out there?


Apps That Make You Visible

People visiting your area of the world want to know where the locals go to eat. That’s always the best sign that somewhere is worth paying a visit. Apps like “The Local” help customers find the best restaurants in an area. And so you want to make sure that you appear on the list.


The platform allows restaurants to entice customers into their eateries with a variety of features. You can post offers and discounts if you are so inclined. And the app also allows you to connect with loyal customers.


Apps That Help You Take Payment

There are now POS software solutions specifically tailored for restaurants, like AccuPOS. These apps are helpful for businesses in many important ways. For starters, they can instantly communicate customer orders from the till to the back kitchen.


This means that restaurant staff do not have to walk in and out of the kitchen constantly. These apps also have the ability to save customer preferences. Thus, if customers ask for “the usual” you just tap a button, and the order is placed. Finally, these apps connect to your accounting software, like Quickbooks. So your accounts become far easier to manage.


Apps That Help You Manage Staff

Managing a restaurant is not an easy task. You’ve got full-time employees, part-time employees and holiday hours to juggle. Here’s where HR management software can really come in handy. It allows you to view all the information you need about your staff in one convenient central hub.


From here you can track employee lateness, store documents and book holidays. You can also use it to send out requests or make alerts if a deadline is coming up. It means an end to having to find a separate location to file all your employee paperwork.


Apps For Sharing Your Product


Hairdressers are doing it. Clothes shops are doing it. Even banks are doing it. Everyone is using Instagram to advertise their products. Instagram has a significant advantage over traditional social media, especially when it comes to selling food. Food advertising is always visual. And so what better way to show off what your restaurant does than post on Instagram.


Of course, you don’t just have to showcase your food. You can also show off your beautiful restaurant setting. Or you can highlight the personality of the people who work at your establishment. Gain a cult following on Instagram, and you’ll see your popularity explode.



Apps For Improving Visuals

Getting your Instagram photos looking right is easier said than done. While it’s true that food advertising is visual, food itself is not photogenic. Hence, you need a tool that can embellish the appearance of food to make it more attractive. Restaurant owners can benefit from free tools, like Skitch. This is a Photoshop alternative that allows you to edit images and add your own text.


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