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Did you know you can invest in Gold (24 Carat) in Swiss Goldenand make a million Naira or more in 6 weeks from now? This is not one of those virtual stuffs flying around the internet, you are investing in real Gold!


What Exactly Is This Gold Investment I’m Talking About?

After having researched for a better and easier way to make money on the internet, I discovered a legitimate company that has created thousands of millionaires in 2017.


Swiss Golden is a Gold Trading company with an online shop, just like other stores like Payporte, Konga, Jumia and the rest of them. But unlike these online stores that boast of different range of products, the Swiss Golden store sells only 24 Carat Gold!


swiss golden


[Important] Swiss Golden is not a Gold Manufacturing company, neither do they mine Gold. Basically, what they do is to is to buy and resell gold bars.


The company engages in buying and selling of Gold bullion bars to individuals like me and you. Do you understand? This Gold can then be re-processed to produce accessories like wrist watches, chains, rings etc.


These accessories can then be preserved until their values have appreciated, you can thereafter make money from selling them for more money in the future.



In countries like China and America, Gold is one of the major investments. Gold bars are being purchased and stored in reserves. With these Gold reserves, it’s hard for these developed countries to plunge into recession. You get the point?


The Swiss Golden Company trades only 24 carat gold bars, these bars are available in different sizes and have different weights starting from 1 to 100 grams.



Now That You Know This, How’s Swiss Golden Connected to Nigeria?

I don’t know if you already know but if have checked the Swiss Golden website, you’d discover it’s not a Nigerian website. Even though it’s not a Nigerian site, they are open for business in Nigeria.
Swiss Golden Nigeria is affiliated with trusted companies like Umicor, Valcambi, Herause, Argor, Metalor Technologies. If you do a Google search, you’d discover that these companies are renowned manufacturer of Gold bullion in the world.


They also work with UBS which happens to be one of the most important financial centers in the UK and Switzerland. IN the picture below, you’d see the Swiss Golden office in PortHarcourt, Nigeria.


Swiss Golden Office PortHarcourt


swiss golden office


Swiss Golden International

swiss golden



So How Can Swiss Golden Help You Become a Millionaire?

The Swiss Golden company has developed a well planned marketing program for people like us to take advantage of their business platform and earn millions of Naira without investing too much money into the business.



They have designed an opportunity for Entrepreneurs like us to get paid by partnering with their business process.In the next paragraphs to follow, I will explain to you how to leverage on their platform and make money.



Why should You Invest In Gold?

As you already know, Gold is a very valuable asset not just in NIgeria but in the whole world altogether. Apart from just being valuable, there are other reasons why you should invest in Gold and they are:

  1. Gold does not have an expiry date
  2. It’s impossible to detroy Gold
  3. The value of Gold always increases
  4. Gold is universally acceptable
  5. Gold is an asset that can be sold to banks
  6. Can you now see the reason why you should invest in Gold?


Another Question Is This – Why Invest In Swiss Golden?

You only have to invest once, the Company doesn’t require you to pump in more money into the business. When you make your first money, it covers up for the initial capital invested.
a. The company is duly registered in the UK and Switzerland

b. If you invest in the Company and cannot move your business, you get a REFUND in Gold Bars when you get displaced.

c. It’s very sustainable, not like other ponzi schemes that. So long as Gold is valuable, this business can never crash

d. The income potentional is really huge

e. The company is protected by the law – consumer protection act. What this means is that in the event the Company misbehaves, they can be charged to court.

f. It is duly registered in the UK and Switzerland.

g. The company deals with physical Gold, you can request for the Gold to be delivered to you when you qualify.

h. Even though you are an independent investor, you also work with a group of highly motivated people.

i. You can extend your investment to your family.


What Do You Get From Swiss Golden If You Decide to Join?

Swiss Golden permits you to purchase gold bullion from them in the range o 1-100grams. If you decide to purchase directly from the company then you must have at least 7000 euros ( approximately N2,000,000).
But to be honest, not too many people can afford to invest that kind of money into this business. So what options are available?

The Swiss Golden business has provided a cost effective way for business minded people like you and me to invest by purchasing Gold Bar and encouraging your friends and family to do the same ( you get paid handsomely for this)


Did you know that with just 75 Euros ( N46,000) you can make over a million Naira in the next 6 weeks by investing in the Swiss Golden business plan?

Basically, this is how it works:

i. You register as an affiliate with the company

ii. You invite your friends to benefit from this wonderful opportunity.

You get paid, simple!



How Does the Swiss Golden Business Model Work?

The Swiss Golden program business program is designed to have a 7 celled tabled of orders stages) and they are:

  • Preliminary
  • Main
  • VIP
  • and VIP Plus


The program has 4 points of entry. Initially, the first point of entry was 220 Euros (N140,000); but the Company then realized that quite a number of people cannot afford to start up their Gold business with that amount of money.
After much consideration, the company introduced a lesser business package ( starter pack) which cost 75 Euros (N46,000) as at the time of writing this report.
With your N46,000 investment you get enrolled in the preliminary start table. Please note that this prelim table was created to enable you raise money for the main start table.
Each of the tables in the Swiss Golden business structure has a preliminary start table.


Preliminary Start Table:

With 75 Euros (N46,000) you wil be given login details to your back office and you can start telling your friends about this great business opportunity.
After your table fill up, you will earn 260 Euros (N159,380). But out of this money, 200 Euros will be deducted to enrol you into the main table. You will be left with a balance of $60 worth of Gold deposited into your account.

You can request for this Gold whenever you want to.

Main Start Table

On this table, you have to repeat the same process as you did while in the preliminary table. Basically, you get two of your friends to invest and when they get two of their own friends to do the same, you complete that table.


When you complete this table, you will earn 550 Euros (N337,150). You will keep earning this amount of money every time you cycle out of the main starter table.The sume of 280 Euros will be deducted from your account, you will be placed on the main table and the balance of the money will be credited to your account.


Prelim Main Table

After the 280 Euros has been deducted, you will automatically be placed on this table. As this table fills up and splits, you will earn a total of 800 Euros. From this earning, 720 Euros will be deducted to place you on the main table.


Main Table

With 720 Euros deducted from the preliminary, you will continue building your business and as the tables fills up again, you will earn a total of 1890 Euros (N1,100,000) everytime you cycle from this table. So if you cycle out of this table 4 times, it means you will earn 4 X N1,100,000 which amounts to N4,400,000.


Prelim VIP Table

Investment: N610,000

Earn: N2,400,000 ( Cash Out Available) + 1 gram of Gold shipped to you
Main VIP Table


Investment: N1,700,000

Earn: N4,600,000 ( Cash Out Available) X 3 Tables

This cycle continues.
Prelim VIP Plus Table


Investment: N2,200,000

Earn: N8,600,000 ( Cash Out Available) + 1 gram of Gold shipped to you.


Main VIP Plus Table

Investment: N6,000,000

Earn: N17,000,000 ( Cash Out Available) X 3 Tables

Cycle continues

The beauty of the Swiss Golden structure is that it doesn’t take a very long time to reap the rewards. The compensation plan is just fabulous and very unique!
If you want to make an extra million Naira in a few weeks from today, you can achieve it with this company’s business structure. I’m not saying this to bamboozle you or get you excited, it’s really easy to make a Million Naira.


Watch This Short Presentation Video I Made That Explains How I and My Team Can Help You:



How Exactly Can You Make a Million Naira From Swiss Golden?

Decide on which of the table you want to enroll in, you can start with the N46,000 investment plan if you don’t have too much money.
Once your account is activated with a coupon, you automatically become a partner with the Company. You will be positioned on a 7 celled table of order as shown in the image below:


swiss golden

As you can see from the image above, the table contains just 3 levels. Every new registration is positioned on level 1 and then as you progress in the business, you will move up to level 3 and that’s where you get paid!

Please note, this business requires introducing at least 2 people ( This is not difficult if you follow my plan). But in the event that you fail to bring your two people, the company refunds your money back to you.


How Can You Make N1,000,000 From The Swiss Golden Business Plan

Like I have explained earlier, you need to complete 2 table of orders to make N1,000,000. This is actually not rocket science. It’s likely you are thinking ” How can I get people to join I’m shy“. Don’t worry, we have a system that makes recruiting easy!

Let’s See…


Preliminary Table

When you get to the preliminary start table, you get placed in a table of order ( which consists of 7 cells), this table is called the Preliminary Table. 


The next step for you to make is to bring in two of your friends or family members to sign up under you. Don’t get scared, we will teach you how to get people to join your business like they join us everyday.


The next step is to work with your two downlines by helping, teaching and encouraging them to share this powerful business opportunity with their own friends. When they get their own downlines, that’s what the structure will look like.


As soon as this matrix structure is complete, you earn 800 Euros on the Preliminary Table. Awesome right? The good thing about Swiss Golden is that the matrix structure is short and achievable.



When you earn 800 Euros, the company removes 720 Euros from that money and places you on the main table, the balance will be paid in your back office.
NOTE: You see in this business, you make money when you complete any of the tables but the money is used to upgrade. The real place where you’d make big money is on the main table.
Any preliminary table is just to qualify you for the main table, do you understand? But if you have lots of monies to invest, you can simply move over to the main table.



The Main Table

What happens on the preliminary table is the same thing that happens on the main table. This business is team work, so make sure you work with you direct downlines to help them close their own preliminary tables.
When the other 4 cells are completed, then you will would have completed the main table and earned 1,890 Euros or N1,000,000.



Honestly, there’s nothing difficult about this! The cost of entry is as low as N46,000 and if you can share this opportunity on your WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram ets just like the lady who testified at the beginning of this article, you will make a lot of money.


I’m sure you are probable wondering right now, is this not just another ponzi schemes like the ones that carashed recently? Hell No! Swiss Golden is a legitimate company that is duly registered.



10 Ways to Confirm Swiss Golden Is Legal:

  • The company has been in existence internationally for 5 years and have been in Nigeria for 2 years.
  • The company has existence in over 112 countries around the world and the partners enjoy the benefits of the company.
  • The company’s registration can be verified.
  • The Company has never been linked to any fraudulent activity.
  • Payments go through European bank
  • The money being paid to partners comes from the turn over from the Gold investment make by the company.
    There are lots of videos on YouTube that shows the countries programs all over the world.
  • It’s a one time investment
  • Swiss Golden deals with the best refineries of Gold bars. ie. Valcambi, Degussa, Argor-Heraues and the Valt VIA MAT in Switzerland which are known and respected all over the world.
  • Partners of the company participate in International exhibition of precious metals in Munich.
  • If you still think this is another ponzi scheme, kindly read the highlights below to see the difference between Swiss Golden and other ponzi schemes.




Ponzi schemes are all about ” Robbing Peter to Pay Paul”, but Swiss Golden is different.
Ponzi schemes have no product, Swiss Golden has Gold.


The operations of Ponzi schemes can be cut short at anytime by media panick, but no such thing exists with Swiss Golden.
Most ponzi schemes have a script that can be replicated by any Tom, Dick and Harry but you can’t do that in Swiss Golden.


In Ponzi schemes you make money only from your first generation downlines when they invest. In Swiss Golden, the activities of your downlines and downlines’ downlines count for you.
In ponzi, you earn from someone else’s money but in Swiss GOlden you make money from Gold transactions.

In ponzi schemes you can lose money but in Swiss GOlden your money will be refunded if you don’t move up the table.
Frequently Asked Questions:



1. What If I Can’t Get Two People to Join?

You see in this business, you don’t lose money! If you don’t get two people to join and the preliminary table gets completed, you will be removed from the business and refunded.
This is what we described as a Win-Win situation! But I tell you, if you follow every instruction we share with you, every training we give to you when you join our team, there’s absolutely no way you won’t get two people.


2. How Much Does It Cost to Get Started?

Like I earlier explained, the Swiss Golden program has different investment plans, but because I’m considering the fact that most people cannot start up the business with over a hundred thousand, you can start with the N46,000 plan.


3. How Can Your Team Support Me?

We don’t encourage laziness, hence we won’t promise to give you two downlines. What we can do for you is to support and teach you how to get downlines.

But because we are constantly running adverts, there’s a possibility that you will get a spill over but this is not a gurantee. We will also give you a free webpage for promoting your business.


4. What If I Register More Than Two People?

The company only requires that you get two people to join the business. However, in the event that you have more than two people, we strongly recommend that you support your team to grow with you. You can actually sign up more than 2 people directly if you wish to.


5. After Bringing in 2 People, When Do I Get Paid 1 Million Naira?

When you bring two people and work with them to get their own two people, once the cell is complete you will be moved to the main table which is where you will earn and cash out.


6. How Do You Get Paid?

You can get paid straight to your domicilliary account if it is configured to receive Euro payment. Before you can initiate this transfer, you will need to do a KYC by varifying your account with a valid ID and utility bill.


7. What Is The Guarantee That This Company Will Not Fizzle Away?

Swiss Golden is completely legal and registered unlike other ponzi schemes. They trade physical gold and thousands of partners have ordered and received their Gold. Most ponzi schemes do not last more than a year, but Swiss Golden has been around for 5 years.


8. Does Swiss Golden Have a Physical Office In Nigeria?

Yes the company now has offices in Lagos and Abuja states respectively. Even though most of the business is online, there’s an office where you can walk into to request for more information.

Now that I have answered all your questions, what’s the next step?
If you still have any concerns, you can call or WhatsApp me on 08037193840. You can also email me on
If you have no questions, then follow the steps below to get started.


Step 1. Visit Click on register and fill the form. In the space provided for sponsor ID, enter 867444904. Once done, click on submit.


Step 2. Activate your account with a voucher. You need to activate your account with a voucher in order to be able to start your business. You have to pay the sum of N46,000 to my account so that I can acquire the voucher and send to you for activation.


Send the following information:

1.Subject: I Want to Activate My Account

Body of the email should read ” I have my N46,000 and I’m requesting for payment details


Also send me your registration ID in the email.
Send to or WhatsApp 08037193840.


Still in doubt about this business? See screenshot below of people from transactions from Swiss Golden business.
Put earning proof…


swiss golden


swiss golden

Below is a Video That Shows Partners Unboxing Their Gold Pack..

Put video here…


I have tried several Network Marketing opportunities but Swiss Golden offers a very simple and straight forward way of making a Million Naira in a short while. As you saw earlier in this article, the matrix system is short.


Between August 2016 and today, we have produced over 500 Millionaires in our team with many more close to becoming a Millionaire.
Because our team offers excellent support and our powerful recruitment strategy, many of our team members have made millions over and again. As a matter of fact, one of our team members banked over N3,000,000 in January through this business.



When you join our team today, you will get a replicated website for promoting your business just like this

I will also give you my Fiverr unlocked course that will help you earn up to $500 every month as a freelancer on Fiverr.

swiss golden


If you are ready to earn over a Million Naira in the next 6-8  weeks from, then the time to make a committment and come onboard our team is right now!


There’s no point procrastinating about this opportunity, I have seen people borrow money to start this business and in one month time, they are already Millionaires!
If you are tired of being broke, tired of depending on one source of income that’s not enough for you and your family, if you are tired of money troubles, then you should get started right away and not over think this opportunity.


Here’s How We Can Support You!


a. We run group advert on Facebook and through this advert, lots of people are able to join the business. When they join, they are positioned under the existing downlines. So if you activate your account today, the next person to activate his/her account will be positioned under you.
b. We will give you 24/7 support when you join our team.

c. If you have a prospect and don’t know how to present the opportunity, we will help you present and get the prospect onboard.

d. We have a mastermind group where we share tactics for making more money.


It’s time to take ACTION! The difference between you and any other person that makes payment after reading this article is the strong drive to succeed and the willingness to act upon an information that’s guaranteed to make you earn a Million Naira.

It’s entirely up to you.

If you enjoyed this article, please use any of the social media share buttons to share with your friends and loved ones.


I got to go now.



P.S: I’ve currently moved from promoting Swiss Golden to Waawu advantage… With Waawu, you actually don’t need referrals to make money. You get 3-9% of your investment every Monday. It’s a registered business and has zero percent loss policy in place. Your money is invested in agriculture, ecommerce, IT, Bitcoin etc. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

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