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    What is Amazon KDP Publishing? (And How to Start)

    Want to learn about Amazon KDP publishing? I found this awesome blog post on Location Rebel, so I decided to share it, read and enjoy!   These days, self-publishing is a legit business. Budding authors all over the world are creating a monthly income through self-publishing books on Amazon. The cool thing is it’s opened a new way of creating income that was barely possible even ten years ago. Want to write your own book and get it published, yup you can do it. As an Amazon author myself (yup, I’ll toot my own horn here a minute) the process was fun and eye-opening. Plus getting those occasional royalties in…

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    5 Steps to Successfully Write and Format eBooks for Amazon

    Do you want to start your Amazon kindle publishing journey and don’t know where to get started? Read this great article from Blogging Tips. You Can Make a Lot Of Money From Publishing Your Books on Amazon A blank screen stared back at me. How in the heck do you do this eBook publishing bit? I’d put off publishing an eBook for this very reason. For at least 3 years. People told me it was easy; my experience said something very different. I am tech allergic so if I’m able to write and format an eBook just about any blogger can.   After publishing my 15th product (Blogging from Paradise:…

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