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    How Blogging Can Help You Thrive In a Difficult Economy

    Hey guys, how are we? Today I’d love to share with you a very inspiring email I got from one of my mentors Mr. Joe Okoro, he’s a pro blogger and I learned 70% of the things I know from him. Are you currently struggling? Are you finding it difficult to break even? Do you want to thrive rather than just survive?   Then read this article till the end!   When you thrive, you flourish, whereas when you’re trying to survive, you work hard, and struggle to eke out a living. The question is, how can you thrive in a difficult economy like the one we are currently facing? Before I answer the question,…

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    3 Things Holding You Back From Making Money Blogging (And How To Overcome Them)

    Do you have a blog? Chances are you do. It may have been a blog you started to document your progress on a college project. It may be a movie review site you started when you were young and seemed to have all the time in the world.   It might even be something that you contribute to every now and then but you don’t really keep track of your stats, nor do you particularly care how many (if any) people read it; your blog is just a therapeutic way for you to reflect on your quotidian experiences and occasional insights. Most of the 152 million blogs out there fall…

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    Cash For Your Passion: Taking Your Blog To The Next Level

    Perhaps you’ve been blogging as a hobby for a while, and have started to be contacted by sponsors about paid work. This is always great, earning money doing something you love is the dream. However it does get you thinking of what you can do to increase these opportunities, and how you can potentially make a decent income from your blog. In order to do this, there are a few things you can do to take it to the next level. Here’s how you can go about it. linked from here Improve Your Domain Authority One of the things sponsors will be looking at when deciding if they want to…

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    Free Training – How to Really Make Money From Blogging

    Blog Money: Ex-Primary School Teacher Reveals How to Create a Profitable Blogging Platform That Can Funnel As Much As N250k – N2M Per Month Into Your Bank Account Blogging is a lucrative business, but you need to work smart to make money as a blogger in the early days of your blogging career so you don’t have to wait for many years before you start making money. It’s all about strategy!   What I’m about to teach you is not the “Linda Ikeji or Bella Naija” type of blogging where you have to post content for years before you start making money. To be quite frank with you, it’s possible…

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    8 Reasons Why Blogging Is The Best Online Business

    Blogging has expanded into one of the most profitable online business of all times. Have you ever heard that some bloggers are making six figure earnings every year just for writing about something they love to write on an online platform?   Yes, you may have heard about the professional bloggers who are making such huge money from home quitting their jobs! And fortunately, you can also follow the same way and can start making passive income online. Blogging is definitely one of the best online passive income businesses ever. There are many reasons why blogging is the best online business so far but, here are few of them; 1.Little Investment…

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    Can Blogging Still Be A Lucrative Career Option In 2016?

    This is an article by Laura Cole on Business 2 Community. It’s an interesting article worth reading. Please read and share! While the word blogging is well-known and widely used in 2016, this generic description does little to capture the diversity of the discipline. After all, blogging can be practiced in various ways and to achieve a number of alternative goals, while these subtle differences also impact on the effectiveness of your efforts.   There is a world of difference between business and personal blogging, for example, with the former capable of everything from driving traffic to converting leads. The diversity and potential impact of business blogging is reflected by…

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    Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Blogging

    In the earlier years of the “blogging phenomenon”, a few creative people who had recognized the gold mine had taken advantage of the blogging business. Most of the early bloggers blogged more about their personal lives while others blogged about a variety of other things. Most of the early time bloggers never bothered about anything like page rank, SEO and stuffs like that – they were mostly interested on writing their post and hitting on the publish button to get soon online.   But times have changed since then, taking a look at the advancement in blogging industry; say from 5 years ago, blogging has transformed into a different kind…

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    Hints That Can Help Your Blog Attract More Traffic

    Hints That Can Help Your Blog Attract More Traffic Starting a blog has become a hugely popular pastime these days. And, if you’ve started one you need to think about how to drive traffic to it. Getting your readership up is the primary goal of any blog owner. So, here are a few suggestions for how you can increase the traffic to your blog.   ‘Click Sexy’ Titles The key to successful blogging is making sure you pick the right topics. But, the initial attraction begins with a title. You need to go with what are known as ‘click sexy’ titles. These are blog post titles that are worded in…

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    Brands Are Failing At Blogger Outreach

    Brands Are Failing At Blogger Outreach The Pitfalls Of Outreaching To The Blogging Community Many brands are failing at blogger outreach, which is a critical promotion technique. Learn how to effectively connect with webmasters and build your audience. Many digital agencies have realised the power that the blogging community can provide for brand awareness and engagement. Bloggers are influencers of their extremely loyal audiences and they attract numbers that can rival many corporate sites. Therefore, an article or review on a popular blog can help to quickly spread the word about a new product, start-up or promotion.   Bloggers are contacted on a daily basis with requests for guest articles,…

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    3 Passive Blogging Income Stream Ideas

    Want to start blogging and not sure how to make money through your blog? Read this exciting post from Blogging Tips.  Read and share!   One of the big bonuses of establishing passive blogging income streams while I circle the globe is that I literally make money while I sleep. As I pass out here in Thailand, folks from all over the globe can page through and purchase my: online courses eBooks audio books   Building service based income streams – like freelance writing and blog coaching – is a viable way to earn coin online but service based income channels are both time and energy intensive. You are still…

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