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    How to Legitimately Make 1000% Return On Investment Every Month In 2017

    Damn I can’t believe 2016 has come to an end. It’s just 4 days to go. Did you achieve your goals this year? Well, I didn’t achieve all and there’s no need beating yourself if you didn’t achieve all too.   Let’s look forward to 2017 aight! There are better days ahead…    While it’s true that times are hard for a lot of Nigerians, did you know that a lesser percentage of the country’s populace are quietly raking in over 1000% Return On Investment every month by working for just 2-3 hours daily online.     Let me tell you, the ” wealth generation possibility” of the internet is…

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    The Secret to My Success: Dayvon’s Fiverr Story

    If you are still thinking about how to make money on Fiverr, Dayvon’s story on the FIVERR BLOG should motivated you. Just like Dayvon, you can get started by looking around the Fiverr website and observing the gigs that sell well, then you can adapt yours from there. If you have a skill like writing, graphic design, website design etc, you can look at the categories for the skills to learn how the top sellers are doing in the business. Read Dayvon’s story and let it motivate you to get started. If you need a simple and straight forward way to make money, This Course Should Help You!    …

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    True Story – How Williams Makes $500 Monthly on Fiverr

    True Story – How He Made Money on Fiverr A few days back I wrote about one of my blog readers who put all what he read on my blog on Fiverr and how he was able to do $500. As a matter of fact, he needs me to help him withdraw about $700 of his funds from Fiverr since he hasn’t gotten his Payoneer card and doesn’t have a Paypal either.   I will keep on stressing this “no matter how much time you spend reading articles on this blog, if you do not take action then you are only wasting your time. Williams happen to be one of…

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