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    What Does The Internet Know About You?

    The internet has become so deeply woven into the fabric of our lives that for many of us, it’s hard to imagine life without it. Deprive most people under the age of 30 of Wifi access for more than a few days and they start to go into withdrawal (no, seriously). We, as a society have become addicted to the convenience that the digital world brings to our lives.   It’s revolutionized the way in which we shop, work, do business and entertain ourselves. But as proficient as we have become at using the internet, many of us have no idea how vulnerable we are when we are online. We…

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    Internet Businesses Tips

    How to Create an Email Marketing Strategy from Scratch

    Knowing how to do an email marketing campaign can be easy with a tutorial, but creating a strategy with goals that you then have to measure is something else entirely.   We have the habit of creating and launching actions without clearly having what we need and not knowing exactly how to measure the results. Through this post I will share the steps to create step by step an email marketing strategy from scratch.   How to create an email marketing strategy 1 – Objectives This is the part where you put in writing what you need, some objectives would be: Create a new channel to keep the public loyal…

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    Online Selling System – How Ojay Made His First Sale In 24 Hours

    I don’t know if you are already aware of the online selling system I talked about sometime ago that’s helping young men earn up to N200,000 and more working for just a few hours online by selling ” problem solving physical products“.   Precisely on the 28th Day of November, 2016 a friend of mine asked me to teach her son how to sell physical products online. Because of the good relationship we have; she’s actually helped me with a lot of stuffs in recent times, I obliged and paid a visit to her office.   Her Son Ojay, I think he’s about 25 years of age and just fresh…

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    Shift or Die – Why Your Business must Move With Internet Trends!

    Good morning beautiful people, I woke up this morning exhausted with dark patches underneath my eyes. I managed to log in to the Facebook ” Sell Your Brain Society” created by my friend Ronald Nzimora and I was found a post he published and decided to share it on here with his permission.   Please read as I am very sure you’d learn a lot from it. I did learn something ** Deep Smiles *** … Read On!     Shift Or Die ==========   As a business person, what are you doing? Are you adapting to new ways of doing business or are you sticking to what you already…

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    Internet Businesses Tips

    You’ve Made a Business Website… But Is It Any Good? Find Out Now

    Pixabay   You probably already know that a website is extremely important for any business. It’s pretty much the best marketing tool you’re ever going to have. Your website, combined with your social media presence, could make you or break you.     Needless to say, there are a lot of mistakes you could make. Your website has to perform a certain set of functions effectively. We’re going to take a look at the things your website should be doing. You should be able to answer all these questions and design things accordingly!       Flickr       What industry are you in? I’m hoping that you can…

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    Is It True? Are People Scared To Shop Online?

    You’ve probably heard a lot of stories in the media over the past few years about people being scared to shop online. You never just know if these stories are representative of the majority or just a few people.   However, they’re certainly making the news, which has the ability to alter customers’ views very quickly. Before long, you might find that your flourishing business no longer gets as many payments online.       So, let’s start by analyzing the causes of the fear. Those who feel that online shopping is too dangerous feel that way because of privacy reasons. It’s not too much of a surprise when we…

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    Why Credit Cards Are the Best Thing Ever for Your Business

      Why Credit Card Are the Best Thing Ever for Your Business Flickr   There aren’t many of us who can remember a time when most purchases were made using cash. Some nostalgic folks might lament the times when cash in retail was king. But not us. There are so many benefits that credit and debit cards bring to both merchants and customers.   More people are going to buy your stuff Have you seen the credit card vs cash statistics? They’re very illuminating – and, for some businesses, very alarming. The fact is that cash has started going a little out of style. If you can call a mere…

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    How to Make At Least N5,000 Everyday By Selling Wedding Rings Online

    ” Them Say No money But Every Saturday People Dey Do Wedding” And not just kpai kpai weddings oh, people are spending big money on their wedding ceremonies. If you think I am just talking for talking sake, see this picture below:   Kai… Even See Say Them Spray Dollars For Wedding, Who Said There Is No Money Okay, okay let’s focus! The wedding ring is one of the most important elements in a wedding. Without the wedding rings, Father no go join the man and the Woman together; abi na lie I talk? Pardon my frequent use of Pidgin English these days oh, I am just trying to sound…

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    Make Money Online

    3 Powerful Ways to Make Money Online Regardless of the Current Economic Meltdown

    If you are Nigerian, it’s not uncommon to see people rant on social media websites about how badly the current Government is performing; they make all sorts of memes and videos to vent their anger on the Buhari administration. With the prices of almost everything skyrocketing, it’s now difficult for most families to meet up with their basic daily needs; people are now seeking every means necessary to meet up!   Do a short survey and ask 100 Nigerians the question, “How is life treating you?” I bet that ninety-nine if not hundreds of them will respond with complaints and heap curses on the President. I greeted a cobbler who…

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    Working from Home: Heaven or Hell?

    Working from Home: Heaven or Hell? Working from home has become the latest trend and we are talking globally here. Every day, more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home at least once or twice a week. And even more companies are looking to outsource, looking for employees who can work from home and, sometimes, from a different country.   We can see these “work from home” job offers increasing every single day on the different job boards and people are really starting to get into this new groove because, let’s face it, staying at home has to be better than going to the office every…

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