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    Helping Hands International – How to Recruit With Fliers

    Without marketing, your business at Helping Hands International would be redundant! People can’t buy what they don’t see, they can’t join your Network Marketing business, if you don’t tell them about it. The more you talk to people about your business, the better your chances of signing up prospects!     I am presently updating this blog from Asaba. I decided to try something differently for my Helping Hands International business from here. Usually, I recruit online but I thought I should go all out with the fliers yesterday. I love to experiment a lot in order to have stories to share with you. Everything can not work for everybody…

  • freelancer
    Internet Businesses Tips

    A Freelancer’s Salary: How much should you charge?

    A Freelancer’s Salary: How much should you charge? Every day,less and less jobs are requiring being bound to an office or a schedule and freelancing is where the magic happens. The freelancer or entrepreneur is a person who follows a professional path on his own, going against the “office type” paradigms and establishing a personal work process. Now that we have an idea of what we are, the usual question arises: how much should I charge for my work?   Most of the times, this dilemma supposes an internal struggle since we do not want to overcharge or appear greedy. This is a concept that must be forgotten if you…

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