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    Swiss Golden

    How to Make a Million Naira in 6-8 Weeks As a Swiss Golden Affiliate

    Did you know you can invest in Gold (24 Carat) in Swiss Goldenand make a million Naira or more in 6 weeks from now? This is not one of those virtual stuffs flying around the internet, you are investing in real Gold!   What Exactly Is This Gold Investment I’m Talking About? After having researched for a better and easier way to make money on the internet, I discovered a legitimate company that has created thousands of millionaires in 2017.   Swiss Golden is a Gold Trading company with an online shop, just like other stores like Payporte, Konga, Jumia and the rest of them. But unlike these online stores…

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    Internet Business Tips

    Could Your Online Store Benefit From A Physical Location?

    Could Your Online Store Benefit From A Physical Location?   Pixabay Image Ecommerce has become an enormous industry. Last year, people in the UK spent £24 billion with online retailers alone- and that figure is likely to be even higher this year. The fact that online shops are cheap to start and easy to run makes them a prime home business option.   Even established retail stores are starting to turn towards the web. But perhaps online stores should consider going in the other direction. Many ecommerce business owners run the whole operation from their bedroom. But having a physical location can help you grow in many ways. Here are…

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    Internet Business Tips

    The Opportunity to Work at Home

    The Opportunity to Work at Home With the employment situation becoming more and more problematic, thousands, if not millions of people, are turning to self-employment methods to provide for their needs. Self-employment has always been a dream for the millions. Luckily, the growing use of the Internet worldwide is now providing everyone the opportunity to work from home.   But starting a home-based internet business is not the simple task that many think it to be. It actually requires quite a lot of time and effort to begin an online venture. And just like in the real world, there is always the possibility that your venture will not take off.…

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    You’ve Made a Business Website… But Is It Any Good? Find Out Now

    Pixabay   You probably already know that a website is extremely important for any business. It’s pretty much the best marketing tool you’re ever going to have. Your website, combined with your social media presence, could make you or break you.     Needless to say, there are a lot of mistakes you could make. Your website has to perform a certain set of functions effectively. We’re going to take a look at the things your website should be doing. You should be able to answer all these questions and design things accordingly!       Flickr       What industry are you in? I’m hoping that you can…

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    Internet Businesses Tips

    [Affiliate Marketing ] 3 Steps To Make Money Selling Physical Products Online

    [Affiliate Marketing ] 3 Steps To Make Money Selling Physical Products Online I was eating out at a ” Mama Put” joint somewhere around Ikeja and this tired looking girl of about 2 years walked in with some products from a Network Marketing company. She was practically trying to shove the product down the throats of everyone eating at the joint.   Nobody seemed interested, they didn’t even act like they noticed her; it made me feel bad for her and I tried to be a bit receptive when she walked up to me. ” Bros come and buy this Networking Product“, it’s good for your body! I remember vividly…

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    Make Money Online

    3 Powerful Ways to Make Money Online Regardless of the Current Economic Meltdown

    If you are Nigerian, it’s not uncommon to see people rant on social media websites about how badly the current Government is performing; they make all sorts of memes and videos to vent their anger on the Buhari administration. With the prices of almost everything skyrocketing, it’s now difficult for most families to meet up with their basic daily needs; people are now seeking every means necessary to meet up!   Do a short survey and ask 100 Nigerians the question, “How is life treating you?” I bet that ninety-nine if not hundreds of them will respond with complaints and heap curses on the President. I greeted a cobbler who…

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    Helping Hands International

    Helping Hands International – 5 Reasons Why a Business Seminar is Important

    Helping Hands International – 5 Reasons Why a Business Seminar is Important   I never attended a physical business presentation before signing up with Helping Hands International. As a matter of fact, I have never seen my upline. I only watched a couple of videos, did a Google search and his page popped up on page 1 for the keyword “Helping Hands International“   By the way, his name is Dayo Adetiloye ( He’s a great guy). After I joined H2i, I quickly set up a campaign that ran for a few days before Facebook was unable to charge my card; I think it’s due to our “Banking Policies”.  …

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    Working from Home: Heaven or Hell?

    Working from Home: Heaven or Hell? Working from home has become the latest trend and we are talking globally here. Every day, more and more companies are allowing their employees to work from home at least once or twice a week. And even more companies are looking to outsource, looking for employees who can work from home and, sometimes, from a different country.   We can see these “work from home” job offers increasing every single day on the different job boards and people are really starting to get into this new groove because, let’s face it, staying at home has to be better than going to the office every…

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    Helping Hands International

    Helping Hands International: How to Change Your Password

    Passwords are very important for every online transaction, it should only be known to you. However, the Helping Hands International business operates in such a way that requires your upline to set up your account in order for you to have access to your dashboard.   At this moment, Helping Hands does not collect direct payment from members; that is you can’t pay cash into its bank account, you can’t pay via credit/debit card ( I hope they make this possible soon), you can safely pay using the wallet system.    As a leader, I almost always take up the responsibility of creating account for even my downline’s downline. Recently (after…

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    Helping Hands International – How to Recruit With Fliers

    Without marketing, your business at Helping Hands International would be redundant! People can’t buy what they don’t see, they can’t join your Network Marketing business, if you don’t tell them about it. The more you talk to people about your business, the better your chances of signing up prospects!     I am presently updating this blog from Asaba. I decided to try something differently for my Helping Hands International business from here. Usually, I recruit online but I thought I should go all out with the fliers yesterday. I love to experiment a lot in order to have stories to share with you. Everything can not work for everybody…

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