Top Ten Online Businesses

Based on popular demand, I’d be sharing with you the top ten businesses you can start in 2019. If you are reading this article, it’s either you are already familiar with online businesses or you are a complete newbie looking for online business ideas for beginners.


Whatever your status is, I’d make sure you learn a lot from this article. If you’ve been looking for how to start online business from home, then you’d find this very useful.


Like I’ve always said, in order to make money something must change hands for that money. It could be a product or a service. First I want to restructure your mindset, stop looking for a one off method of making money online, instead pick one of these top ten online businesses and grow it like a traditional business.


Without further ado, here’s a list of the top 10 online businesses you can start in 2019:


1. Affiliate Marketing:


affiliate marketing


In recent times, this has been the best way for me to make money online. As an affiliate marketer, you don’t ever have to bother your head about product handling or delivery. You absolutely have no business doing that.


All you need do is to look for a product that solves a specific problem, create a sales funnel and then drive traffic to the funnel. When you make a sale, the affiliate network pays you up to 50% profit. With the right funnel, you can make 6-7 figures every month.


There are thousands of affiliate programs out there, just look for a credible one, pick a product and create a funnel. But just before you jump right into it, it’s important that you get  an in-depth training from a professional. Do you want to go figure it yourself or learn from a pro? CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE TRAINING


2. Network Marketing:


network marketing


A lot of people chicken out at the sound of this business, but if well harnessed you can make a lot of money from this business. It’s kinda similar to affiliate marketing, most of them give about 20% when you refer people to join them.


Also, apart from the referral commission they give to you they also give out incentives to their members. It’s usually based on individual and group performance. But before you join any network marketing business, it’s important to do your due diligence.


I’ve already saved you that stress! I discovered the Longrich Business, one of the reasons I jumped on this is because they cited a manufacturing plant here in Nigeria. So if I have a product idea, I can simply go to them to help me manufacture it.

Do you want to learn more about Longrich? CLICK HERE


3. eCommerce:




This one is popularly known as mini-importation. Basically, it requires buying items for cheap from China and bringing them into the country to sell for profits. You can make up to 200% profit per item from this business.


But just before you go importing stuffs from China with assumption that you’d sell, it’s important to do your research just to be sure the products will sell before importing them. You don’t want to tie your money down!


The same way you create a sales funnel in affiliate marketing is same way you create for your physical products. This business is cool but has its own challenges which include:


  • Dubious shipping agents
  • Lackadaisical dispatch riders
  • Unserious customers abusing the pay on delivery model
  • Bad products


If you want to start your own mini importation business, then you need to be tutored by a PRO in the game, you can actually reduce the associated problems to the barest minimum. CLICK HERE TO WATCH FREE VIDEO TRAINING


4. Freelancing:


Top Ten Online Businesses


Can you write articles? Can you design a website or do graphics? Then you can make a lot of money by offering your skills to people who need them.


As a freelancer, you can work from any part of the world at your own time and space. The good thing about freelancing is that there are existing platforms where you can go and post your skills for buyers to contact you.


There are several things you need to do to make more sales though, like optimizing your profile, writing a good title and description… This will present you as an authority and make the buyers find you more.


Do you want to learn about freelancing from a PRO? Then CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE TRAINING


5. Blogging:


This is another very lucrative online business that’s making people millionaires. It takes a lot of work to start earning but if you are smart enough, you can start making money in no distant time.


In order to make money from blogging, it’s important that you pick a profitable niche. You need to settle for a niche that has a problem, then you provide them solutions to their problems by sharing valuable content with them.


Over time, you can monetize your blog in various ways. But first, you’d need to get a lot of traffic to your website otherwise you won’t make any money! You have to be strategic in your blogging business to make money.


There are different niches to focus on and they include:

  1. Health and wellness
  2. Business
  3. Golf
  4. Pets and Animals
  5. Automotive
  6. Relationship


You only need to pick a niche, build your blog with wordpress, create contents, monetize your blog and then promote it to make money.


Do you want to learn how to blog from the PROS?



6. Information Marketing:

Top Ten Online Businesses


This is similar to affiliate marketing, the only difference is that you are selling your own product rather than selling for others. What can you do very well? You can put it down in writing and the convert to PDF.


Then create a sales funnel and promote the crap out of it. The good thing about information marketing is that you’d only need to do the work once, every money you received is 100% yours for keeps.


Other Businesses:

  1. Forex trading
  2. Crypto currency trading
  3. Online Surveys
  4. Football Betting

There you have it, your list of the top ten online businesses for 2019.


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I hope you take action after reading this.

Until next time.




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