How One Product and a Unique System Brought in Over 30 million Naira for Olaide Alim

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How One Product and a Unique System Brought in Over 30 million Naira in sales and how any serious person with a head, can copy, paste and generate at least 1 Million Naira within 30 days of using the same system.


If you are serious about making money from mini importation by simply importing “Hot Selling Types of Products” and quickly selling them off for great profits, then you need to grab a glass of whatever your favorite drink is, turn off all distractions and read the article till the end.

There are different types of product that sell and we would be discussing that in the course of this article.



On the 22nd day of November, two of my mentors Mr. Patrick Ogidi and Mr. Olaide Alim hosted a webinar that lasted for 2 hours, 28 minutes and 14 seconds.

Awesome presentation I must tell you! In this webinar, Olaide revealed the one single product that made him more than N30,000,000 in- 3-months.


It wasn’t just about hype, Patrick revealed the proof of earning and testimonies just for the “doubting Thomases” who think everything on the internet is a make up story…

mini importation

mini importation

I earlier on missed the webinar but I was lucky to grab the replay link which was going to be pulled down later that night. So I thought to myself, I’m not sure a quarter of the population of Nigeria has seen this awesome presentation.



Because I love to help people make more money, I decided to transcribe the video into an article.

I know a lot of people complain about data; not everyone can sit on a webinar for over 2 hours without being conscious about data. I wanted this presentation to get to a lot more people…. If I could take the pain to do this, then you should read this to the latter.


At the end of this article, you’d find a link to Patrick’s premium course where you will not just learn about different types of product but also how to build this business from scratch You shouldn’t miss that. In the mean time, enjoy this piece!



According to Patrick Ogidi, one of his subscribers who happens to be a chain smoker started making 6 figures by selling a wrist watch watch that helps smokers light up their cigarette.

He buys the watch for 24 yuan N1,362 on 1688. He made millions from selling the wrist watch to lots of smokers. I hope you are already making out something in your head 🙂 There are the types of product you should also consider.



mini importation



The Basics:

3 Types of Product that sell like wide fire:

Health/Beauty/ Pleasure + Convenience + Safety/Security


Mini importation is the art of sitting in the comfort of your home, placing an order from China, bring them down and sell them by leveraging on the power of social media. First you need to check for the product, then you bring it down and sell by leveraging on social media.

So here’s the flow…


  • Product search on
  • Shipping from China to Nigeria
  • Product Deliver to Customers: EDS, GIG, Zoomlogistics
  • Paying Facebook for Ads:
  • Scaling – Switching from 1M to 5M easily


People can spend money to look better, Women can spend money on products that make them look better. Men can spend money on a product to help them last longer in bed. Hence the reason why kolaqalagbo pays Charles Okocha over 800k to do an advert on his Instagram page.


Without wasting much time, below is the  beauty product that made Olaide Alim N30,000,000 in-3-months. I’m blurring the image now… Don’t worry keep reading, Olaide will unveil the clearer picture and the name of the product. 


mini importation


Olaide sells the products for N12,000 – N15,000.


Other Products to Look Out For…

mini importation


Convenience Products:

Security products are hot because people want to feel safe, they want to protect their self and their kids. Evans kidnap story… Car tracker can tell you where your car is in the world from your phone.


Car tracker tells you the name of the street where your car was taken to.



Product Search On 1688:

Watch the video below to learn how Patrick finds products on 1688





Shipping From China to Nigeria:

There are several shipping companies that can help you move your products from China to Nigeria, but you have to be careful. Just a few of them are legit, trust worthy and can deliver! That’s not to say that the ones that do a timely delivery do not have challenges. But then…


I learned about Chrisvicmall, while some people gave them positive reviews others complained about their services. Personally, I (Victor) use NBC Skye logistics to ship my products; this logistic company was recommended to me by Patrick Ogidi. Over all, they are good but sometimes they have their short comings.


Some people have a lot of reservation with shipping from China to Nigeria. There are issues beyond them, but they are the best out there. Tried other shipping companies but NBC is still the best. Their pricing is superb and second to none.


If you are having issues with procurement, you should talk to Dan.. Always take note of the 7 hour difference when you communicate with them. You have to wait instead of ranting on the internet that Dan did not respond.


NBC are still very much in the game. There are others like St. Patrick and all…



How to place an order:

After you have decided on the product to import from 1688, copy the links and forward to the Whatsapp number of the NBC guys, upon receipt and confirmation, they will send you the sum total of the products you need to import. You make payment to their Nigerian account and they proceed with shipping.


Express shipping takes between 4-7 days to get to Nigeria. Once the goods arrive in Nigeria, the guys at NBC will send you a text which will include the shipping cost for your products. You make payment and take delivery of your items. 


Do you need the contacts of they guys at NBC? Patrick revealed that and many more in his “Ecom Domination Mastermind Course”, CLICK HERE TO GET IT



Product Delivery:

Logistics is not an easy busy else DHL and the likes will not shy away from offering cash on delivery. Amazon would not shy away from doing cash on delivery. But because our business model is focus on cash on delivery, it’s different here…


When you get an order call your customer and tell them they will get it in 3-5 days, don’t be in a haste to deliver. Follow up with the logistics company and the customer.

Make sure you confirm and follow up hard, if you need to dedicate someone to do that for you then you should do it. The delivery companies have a downside but you have to from your own side do your best to protect your business as well.


Paying to Facebook:

GTB, Zenith bank card works. If you are having issues you can reach out to the bank. You can also use the PayU option that allows you to pay in Naira.


Proof Of Olaide’s Earnings:

mini importation


Another proof 6 days after…

mini importation

The same logistics company deposited the said money. I want this figures to challenge you, if an Ibadan boy can do this, then you can do this… Type in the comment box “I Can”


You need to put everything you have learned into practice…

Case study of a guy who paid N500,000. He wasn’t too happy about the training but he was charged to go and put what he learned into practice… He did and he made his money back and an  extra N1.2m


Olaide Alim:

If you know how to copy and paste Facebook, WhatsApp messages… Then you can do it. If a primary 5 student can copy and paste, but you can do it. Olaide said he had challenges before he achieved the result. It’s a jungle out there and marketers and simply copying what others are doing.


The competition is stiff, everyone is doing the same things. So you have to do something different.


The system is very simple to operate, as much as it is simple you have to put in work to make it work.

  1. You need to find hot and unique products
  2. Verify whether the product works.
  3. Go ahead and import the product


You need to know if the product that you want to sell will work in Nigeria. Hence you need to use a system to know if the product will work. Then you go ahead to set up a one page unique sales machine to sell the products.


You need to set up some tools. If you are getting 100 orders, you can use a tool to make over 100% increase in orders in a day.


When 100 people are selling same products, Facebook cost will increase so you need to look for a product that has very low competition. I thought about doing something different from what every other people are doing.



Do your product research and get products that have little competition or if no other person in Nigeria is selling that product then go ahead, import the product and make a killing from it.


Use Aliexpress plus two other super easy method to find products within 5 minutes. The other method takes one minute to find products. By using the method, you can use the system to find the product within one minute or less.


I am going to show you one out of the three methods or how I can give you the other two products.


Head over to

I don’t buy from Aliexpress because the products are expensive, I make use of Aliexpress to check for the products.


On the aliexpress website,

mini importation


Go to categories…

Go to the beauty and health section. They say “Health is Wealth” and that’s the truth!


At one of my seminars, I introduced the handsome up penis enlargement product and right there in the middle of a make money seminar, some people bought the products.

You can also check other categories, the system I will show you can help you get hot products. All you need to do is to follow this tutorial and put it into action.



Under beauty and health, select skin care. The product that brought in N30m is located under skin care. You will see lots of products under this category.

mini importation


As you can see from the image above, the product on the left has 33811 orders. Click the feedback icon to get the best of the best products. Customers do come back to leave a review if the product is good.

So you need to look out for good reviews.


Don’t go for the number 1-4 products because you will face a lot of competition from other people who are using the same strategy. If you take the first 4 products then you will face lots of competition.


Check for products from the second line (5th product on the row). You don’t want a situation where the buyer orders from multiple sellers.



After you find the product, you need to verify that people actually want to purchase this product. If you don’t do your proper research, you will loose money. Don’t rush into importing the product.


You need to do test advert with N1,000. You can use Facebook to run an ad to validate the product. The result was AMAZING!

mini importation


Create the 1 pager sales machine that will enable them buy the product instantly without changing their mind. The sales machine automates the whole process so you can get orders even while you are sleeping.


How to Set Up The 1 Page Sales Machine:

You need a domain name and hosting account

You can use, .info… You don’t need to use .com because it is expensive, people don’t care about the extension, they care about the content.

 You can get a good domain and hosting from SMARTWEB,


I love these guys because they provide exceptional support in the event that you have issues. Click Here to Sign   Up

mini importation


After you have purchased your hosting and domain name, you need to:

  1. Install wordpress – Takes less than 2 minutes. You can check for tutorials on Youtube
  2. Make a simple post with catch product headline… and description/benefits
  3. Create the thank you page and do all the customization
  4. Add pictures and product price
  5. Add order collection form
  6. Then add the social proof plugin that increases conversion by 200%


You can use a premium plugin to collect the order. The premium plugins work better. Auto-responders cost money, but you can use the premium theme.


The social proof plugin increase conversion, the plugin is expensive but then keep reading and I will show you the plugins that help increase my conversion.


Premium plugin works better for  me and increases my sales. Covertproof is a bit pricey but works great.

See What My One Page Website Looks Like…

mini importation


Give them a discount, buy one you get N15,000

Order two products and you get N25,000

Order comes with FREE delivery to any part of the country and you will pay after delivery.


Place a caveat ” please be sure that you have money to pay for the product at the point of delivery”

With this plugin, when an order comes in you as the CEO will get the info and your staff will also get the info.

So you can also track the order…

So you have seen the magical 1 pager sales machine that did the miracle.


But that’s not the issue, people know how to import, how to check for the best products but when it comes to selling the products, they have a big problem.


Where people fail:

  • They import the types of product earlier discussed
  • They bring it in as fast as possible
  • They have an awesome one pager sales machine
  • But when it comes to selling the products, they fail woefully


You can use Facebook Ads to sell different types of product:

mini importation



I studied what most people were doing as regards Facebook ads

I realized that almost everyone run the same particular type of ads.

I started testing all types of ads objective to ascertain which ones work best for this purpose. Engagement and traffic will not give you great results. You can use engagement for testing, when you want to make sales then you need to use a different kind of objectives.


After testing out 14 different ads, I found something what works.

Use conversion ads…

mini importation

Conversion ads gives you enough DATA to easily optimize and scale.

Facebook charges you based on the people who fill the order form on your website.


You can easily track where the order is coming from- the location the order.

With conversion ads you can track people who have bought your products and target them with another ads.


You can use this date to further optimize and scale your ads.


If you do it the right way, you will get amazing results like you see in the screenshot below:

mini importation


This system can be automated even if you are a busy person, once you have the hot selling types of product and set up your advert effectively, you will make money!

mini importation



The mini importation business is a huge money spinner and you can make as much money as you want if you do the right things like learning how to effectively sell the different types of product I talked about earlier.


This article is probably enough to get you started, but what if you could copy and paste from the pros… So all you need do is sit down and watch money roll into your bank account, will that make you happy?


Do you want to make a million naira or more before the year 2018 comes to an end? If YES, then Patrick Ogidi has documented another video that can guide you to 6/7/8 figures. The question is, are you ready? If YES, then CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS TRAINING


Got questions?

Let me know in the comment box.

This article will only be available for a few days, so take what you can while it’s available.


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I got to run now

Until next time




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