The Value Of Communicating Face To Face


The Value Of Communicating Face To Face

Businesses can often lose focus when it comes to communicating face to face. It is not hard to see why when you peer underneath the surface.

Technology has made communicating without interacting much easier. Now, you don’t have to pick up the phone to send a message and get your point across, never mind talk to someone’s face. Email and instant messaging have changed the way a company communicates.


So, does that mean that face to face communication is dead? No, face to face communication is well and truly alive. It is down to businesses around the world to realise that there is still a place for human interaction. If you are one of those businesses, here are a few reasons to start talking to people more often.


Increase Sales

To begin with, let’s take a look at the effect that face to face communication has on sales. Yes, there is a relationship between the two. That got your attention, didn’t it?! If more businesses knew about this relationship, they would use face to face communication more often.


It works like this: when you are talking to consumers, you can use your personality to build a relationship. Contrary to popular belief, consumers love human interaction because it makes them laugh, cry or smile.

When they look back, they will remember your company much more vividly than the others that fade into the background. For more, see


There Are No Misunderstandings

Now it is time to move into the internal workings of your business. Where face to face communication separates itself from instant messaging is that it is much clearer.

When someone takes the time to explain what they want, people have more chance of understanding. A text message or an email can become complicated and twist the meaning. What set out as a simple message to fix a small problem soon escalates into something much bigger.


Jobs Get Done

The result of the above is that jobs get done on time and to a high standard. Employees don’t have to waste time trying to decipher a message that could mean a variety of things. All they have to do is crack on with the task at hand. The result is that they get a head start and finish on time or earlier than expected.


That means they have more time to start other jobs, and they finish ahead of schedule. The knock-on effect is that productivity increases all throughout the business. In all seriousness, that is how important effective communication is to a business.


Adds A Personal Aspect

Communicating face to face is just better. Okay, that doesn’t sound like a legitimate reason, but it is hard to describe at times. For no particular reason, you get a buzz from talking to someone and interacting like a normal human being. It almost reminds you that you are alive and that you can speak to people to solve problems. The issue with technology is that it is changing the way everyone socialises, and one of the best things about life is socialising.


It Builds A Relationship

Relationships are hard to cultivate over an email or a text message. There are ways to convey your emotions, but it isn’t easy. Most of the time, an emoticon or an exclamation mark just doesn’t do the trick. You can say a lot to someone without speaking, which is something you lose when you communicate via technology.


A smile or a reassuring pat on the back tells them that you are happy, but you need them to make a minor change. The result is that they trust and respect you more because you have a relationship that is something other than a thread on a smartphone.

communicating effectively



React To Cues

The final thing to consider is that you can tell a lot from someone’s body language. With face to face communication, you don’t even have to speak to get your message across.

A look at the watch or a yawn is enough for you to get the message – it is time to wrap it up! Never underestimate the effects of body language because you can tell so much from the way a person acts. When it comes to your business, it can save you a lot of wasted time and effort.



The above are not meant to persuade you that the only way to communicate is face to face. That is absurd. What it is trying to show is that you need a nice mix of methods if you want your business to succeed. There are some crucial things that your face can do that piece of software cannot!

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