Waawu Advantage: How to Earn 3-9% Of Your Money Every Monday

My friend Femi resigned from the Bank for this Waawu advantage business, everyone felt he was making a big mistake but he had every conviction that he was doing the right thing.

He’s presently the …. He’s been asking me to join but for some reasons, I just wanted to take my time before jumping into any scheme (last year’s experience wasn’t too good but hey we have to keep moving).


On the 1st of May, 2018 the Waawu advantage team hosted a seminar here in Lagos but I missed it due to my engagements. So I learned that apart from the part where they pay you 3-9% of your investment every Monday, they are also creating an academy where you can learn about the same businesses that they engage in to help you make money.


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Some of the Businesses Include:

1. eCommerce

2. Bitcoin Trading

3. Forex

4. Agriculture

Just to mention a few…



Waawu Advantage is a financial leverage club through which its members can LEARN and EARN their way to Financial Abundance.

The company runs a FOREX/CRYPTO/AGRIC training outfit (Waawu Academy) and also an Investment hub (Waawu Advantage) that helps diversify and manage your multiple investment portfolio while you sleep.

The company leverages on over 25 profitable, credible and time-tested international trading/investment platforms in order to generate an Average ROI(Return On Investment) that is higher than what Banks or other investment companies can offer.



Waawu Advantage has carefully and diligently selected some TOP investment platforms outside Nigeria with proven track record of success and huge capital base and insurance policy.

These companies play in markets like…

a. Real Estate
b. FOREX/CRYPTO trading
c. Agriculture
d. Ecommerce
e. Gold/Diamond
f. Equity
g. IPO Market, etc


Waawu simply spreads investors’ capital across these multiple platform. And by doing so, the company has been able to reduce risk to almost ZERO.


In Waawu, we DO NOT put all our eggs in one basket

So if one platform fails, there are many more to fall back on. And all platforms cannot fail at the same time.

Every MONDAY Waawu pays out the average ROI generated from ALL these platforms after the previous week’s profit.

Waawu World also has in-house experts and professional consultants that trade FOREX, CRYPTO and GREENHOUSE projects to generate additional profit.



Waawu Advantage, under the seal of Terafield Ltd guarantees 100% safety of investor’s fund by issuing a duly sign legal agreement and indemnity form to ALL stakeholders of the company. The agreement states in section 3 that…

“All investors shall be indemnified of any loss of fund on the trading platforms to the tune of amount invested”

This means, irrespective of what happens, you will get your capital back within the period of your contract.



As a passive investor, you can simply subscribe to an investment plan in any of the 5 listed packages

a. Trader: N5,000 – N50,000

b. Executive: N51,000 – N300,000

c. Tycoon: N301,000 – N500,000

d. Premium: N501,000 – N1Million

e. VIP: N1.1Million – N50Million

The company also has a special package called TeraPremium which ranges from N100K – N1Million (ONLY)



3% – 9% ROI weekly (every 7 days)

9% – 13% Biweekly (every 2weeks)

21% – 25% Monthly (every 4weeks)

31% – 38% every 30 working days (6weeks)

For example

If you buy TeraPremium @ N100K, you earn average 25% per month (i.e N25,000).

@N1million you earn N250K ROI every month for one year.

N250,000 X 12 months = N3Million (Capital + Interest)

This gives you 300% Return On Investment in one year!


NB:Weekly and Biweekly ROI are subject to a 20day Waiting/incubation period after which your ROI maturity date starts counting. While the monthly and 30working plan have 7 and 10 days waiting period respectively.



1. Return On Investment: You can simply buy any of the packages and enjoy huge return on your investment for a whole year. These ROI can be withdrawn weekly, biweekly, monthly or every 30 working days straight to your bank account or Bitcoin wallet.


2. Direct Commission: You can also partner as an affiliate for FREE (no cost) and earn 5% commission on the value of package you promote and sell for the company.

E.g. If you refer an investor who buys a N1million Premium package, you earn N50K (i.e 5%)


3. Indirect Comission: As a PAID affiliate, you can earn up to 9% indirect commission on those investors who are referred by those in your direct line (even up to their 10th generation)


4. Leadership Bonus: This is applicable to affiliates who wish to build a career and climb the leadership rank in Waawu World.

You can earn multiple 7-Figure income and walk away with mouth-watering prizes.

You will need a team of other affiliates to leverage on in order to market these packages and attain the required sales volume.



1. SILVER Leader:

To qualify as a silver leader, you need a total team sales of N12.5million

Reward: N500,000 cash bonus

2. GOLD Leader

Team Sales: N25Million
Reward: N500,000 + iPhoneX

3. PEARL Leader
Team sales: N50million
Reward: N1million + Int’l trip (5days in Dubai)

4. RUBY Leader
Team sales: N100million
Reward: N3million + Int’l Trip for TWO

5. EMERALD Leader
Team Sales: N500million
Reward: N10million + SUV car

6. DIAMOND Leader
Team Sales: N1Billion
Reward: N10million + Ranger Rover or Mercedes G-Wagon

Team Sales: N3Billion
Reward: N20Million + Ferrari Sport car.

Rewards can be exchanged for cash equivalent



1. Sign Up By >>> CLICKING HERE <<<

2. After registration, check your inbox for a confirmation email from Waawu Advantage.

3. Login to your backoffice and verify your identity by uploading your ID card (Central Bank’s KYC requirement)

4. Fund your account by purchasing Ewallet through Bitcoin, Bank transfers or Credit Card.

5. After payment, send a mail to support by generating a tickect in your backoffice. Ensure you quote your usename and reference code in the payment made and email sent (Very important)

6. Once your payment is confirmed, your wallet would be credited with same amount.

Go to “Investment > Start plan” and choose your preferred package.

If you have any challenge, please contact me on 08037193840 or email agina.ikenna@gmail.com

Thank you.


Update: Waawu has currently suspended the Waawu advantage in order to mitigate against break down and increase sustainability. Waawu recently launched its Waawu academy where you will have access to learn about Forex trading, Crypto-Currency Trading and Agriculture.


The academy is a criteria for investors who want to invest in Waawu. However,you need to subscribe to the academy to enable you invest. Waawu wants you to learn about the same businesses that makes them money; by doing so, you will be able to make money for yourself. 


Want to join the academy? >>> CLICK HERE <<<


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