How to Make At Least N5,000 Everyday By Selling Wedding Rings Online

wedding ring

” Them Say No money But Every Saturday People Dey Do Wedding”

And not just kpai kpai weddings oh, people are spending big money on their wedding ceremonies. If you think I am just talking for talking sake, see this picture below:

wedding ring


Kai… Even See Say Them Spray Dollars For Wedding, Who Said There Is No Money

Okay, okay let’s focus! The wedding ring is one of the most important elements in a wedding. Without the wedding rings, Father no go join the man and the Woman together; abi na lie I talk? Pardon my frequent use of Pidgin English these days oh, I am just trying to sound as ” Local As Possible”, shey you dey feel me abi!


The ring is what signifies the bond between a couple, that’s why they always have to put it on unless Oga or Madam decides not to wear it to do some funny funny things! Even before the wedding, the man needs an engagement ring to crest on the finger of the Woman while proposing right?


I am made to believe that the last quarter of the year is when most people fix their wedding dates and if I am not mistaken, we are currently in October right! What does this mean? You can start making money off the people who want to get married by providing them with affordable but yet high quality wedding rings.


You can make at least N5,000 selling a complete set of wedding ring. You can make even more if you have a strategy just like I do.

In this article, I will teach you how to make N5,000 profit selling wedding rings and how you can scale up to make even more money from this business.


1. You will learn how to source for high quality but inexpensive wedding rings

2. You will learn you how to set up a sales funnel just like I do

3. You will learn how to set up Ads the right way on Facebook


See Some Samples Of The Wedding Rings

wedding ring


wedding ring


wedding rings


“Here’s Proof That People Are Ordering For The Products The Same Day I Set Up The Ads”

wedding ring

wedding ring


wedding ring

wedding ring


wedding ring


Product Sourcing

When sourcing for the products, I don’t go through the process of importing the rings myself, these days I don’t import anymore. I just source the products locally from those who import, my profit margin turns out to be higher than theirs.

I have a female friend who deals Jewelries in Lagos, she travels and import then, I just pay her money, select the samples after she sends me the pictures then I instruct my dispatch rider to go pick it up from me. 


When I get an order, I package the rings and call my dispatch rider to go deliver and collect my money for me. Sometimes I don’t even bother stocking the products at home, when there is an order I just pay wire money to my female friend, instruct the dispatch guy to go pick up the wedding rings, deliver to the customer, take his fee and give me my money. 


Setting Up The Sales Funnel

The sales funnel wasn’t anything fanciful. I set up a ” buyer lead capture page”, it was straight forward. It just had minute text, followed my the pictures of the rings with an accompanying code. Then the form on the page was meant to take their details for shipping the product.


My follow up message only had one email and that email simply instructed them to complete their order by sending a text message to my phone number to confirm the order. That Simple!


wedding ring


Setting Up The Ads

I used both Facebook and OLX Ads. Facebook Ads gave me more results though because it was highly targeted. I targeted single Men in Lagos from age 28 till 40. I used 3 images of different wedding rings with a catchy headline. I started getting orders from the very first day.


The good thing about running Ads on Facebook is that if you get the targeting right, you will make money from the first day. You only need to learn how to set it up! By now you already know that products without advertising will not translate to money in the bank!


So that’s basically it…

Even though my hand hurts from typing on my PC and chatting with hundreds of customers on my phone, I decided to share this piece with you and I hope you make do of the information you have just learned. 

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P.S: If you are interested in making money by selling wedding rings online and want to set up your own system, I can help you do that. What you need to do is to register a domain name and hosting account, send me the details for me to upload the pages, I will give you the contact of my female friend who import the rings and I will help you set up your Facebook Ads on your own FB account. The Cost Is N15,000

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Until next time.



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