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Hey buddy, want to know how to make money by selling weight loss products?

In this article, I’d give you a breakdown of how You can achieve this; maybe sell up to 100 bottles of the weight loss product You decided to sell.


You see, the weight loss niche is an evergreen niche; if You have an amazing product that produces results and You know how to create a 3 step sales funnel to sell the products then You will make a lot of money.


A lot of people put on so much weight during the covid-19 lockdown, it has now dawned on them how much weight they need to loose, so all You have to do is to position your product the right way and in the right place.


Without Wasting Much Time, How Can You Make Money Selling Weight Loss Products?

You simple create a sales funnel.

What is a Sales Funnel?

It’s a series of process (usually just 3 steps or so) that takes a prospect with a problem through an emotional process to get Him/Her to buy your products.


What are the elements of a sales funnel?

  • Ad Content
  • Pre-sell Content
  • Lead Capture Page
  • Sales Page
  • Follow up emails


The final aim of the sales funnel is to sell your product.

But hey, one more thing…. Without traffic, your sales funnel is useless. It’s just like importing items from China and stuffing them in your wardrobe, nobody sees and nobody is going to buy.


Let’s see what each of the elements above stand for.

I. Ad Content: This is what you write in the description area of the platform you intend to advertise on. Have you ever seen a sponsored Ads on Facebook? A well crafted AD content will make you stop scrolling to take a look at what is being talked about.


II. Pre-Sell Content: As the name implies, it pre frames the mind of Your prospects; it gives them an idea of what You intend to sell to them. But the idea here is not to appear salesy, the idea is to present Yourself as an authority by giving out valuable information.

With the Pre-sell content, if done well You’d be able to get your “Would Be” customers to trust You. Once You can achieve this then You are sure to make lots of sales.


III. Lead Capture: At the end of the pre-sell content, You simply add to form to capture the details (Name, Email Address) of your prospects. The reason for doing this is to help You sell to them later on in the event that they did not purchase Your product immediately.


IV. Sales Page: A sales page contains a sales letter and the job of a sales letter is to sell Your product or services to your prospects. A well crafted sales letter can make anyone bring out his credit/debit card almost immediately to make a purchase.


A well written sales letter is structured with the AIDA model.

A- Attention

I- Interest

D- Desire

A- Action


This model is broken down in bits in Andy Mukolo’s Copywriting course


V. Follow Up Emails: As the name implies, it’s a series of emails that You send over an extended period of time to those that subscribed. The benefits of capturing emails is not farfetched, You need to be able to follow up with those that didn’t buy immediately.


With this, You’d be able to make a lot of money selling weight loss products on the internet. Imagine being able to sell 100-200 weight loss products every month at N5,000 profit, that’s some cool cash right?


In order to achieve this, there are two skills I’d recommend You should take seriously.

1. Facebook Ads

2. Copywriting


I found an amazing training that can help You become a PRO in running Facebook Ads and writing effective Sales Copies that Sell. Want to be the first to get them?

For copywriting – CLICK HERE

For Facebook Ads – CLICK HERE


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