Internet Business Tips – Guide to Yelp

Internet Business Tips – Guide to Yelp

Guide to Yelp For Business Owners


If you are a business owner trying to navigate the digital marketing landscape, you may feel like you are on a deserted island writing in the sand: “Send Yelp!” 


You are not alone. Over the last 15 years, Yelp has grown into a powerhouse platform for businesses to connect with and communicate with customers. You may even be responsible for one of the more than 200 million reviews expected to be on the platform by 2020. 


If you are a business owner looking to grow and acquire more clientele through this powerful platform, you are, again, not alone. Housecall Pro has put together this helpful guide to Yelp for business. They include tips on how to create your listing, manage your activity, monitor ratings and reviews, and advertise on Yelp. 


Refer to the infographic below for tips and tricks from the Yelp team to craft the perfect listing for your business.




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