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So is marketing all about coding, and SEO? Well, maybe it was a decade ago when the internet was used only for search engine results. Take a good long, hard look in the mirror, and ask yourself, what are you trying to do? Startups businesses require hardship, an unshakeable resolve, long hours, late nights and personal sacrifice. However, without clear direction and purpose, you’re sailing into the wind.
YouTube artists want their products sold on their ‘unique selling point.’ It’s your job as a marketer to find out, how you can personalize the image of your client. Consumers want to feel as if they matter to the brand, and that they’re not just another walking wallet. A good marketing company will sell the client by allocating why, how and who buys and accesses the content in the brief.




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An eye for social media


Social media gives leverage to you in the form of giving the artist an avenue of constant contact with their fans. If they haven’t already, set up a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account in their name and branding style. Sit down and go through their interests, likes, and entities they like and follow. If elements of the client’s personal data are lost or exposed, this could be extremely stressful, so maintaining a watertight approach protects the client.


Supportive healing companies such as Health Assured specialize in strengthening mental robustness should your client need any help. The personal details of the client must be guarded at all times e.g. real name, place of work, home address and family members. When the artist is in the midst of creating new content, offer them specialized image enhancement, graphics, music and even ideas which they can incorporate in their video.


Upon new content published, acquire the proper formality and tone of voice the client wishes to express, then link and describe the content on their social media accounts. Social media is a window into the artist’s personal life, so be respectful and keep in mind the seriousness in which you should operate.



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The more information, the better


A substantial technique for a small business is to reach out and exploit a gap in the market. One of, if not the best way to cast the net, is for you as a marketing company to set up a blog for the client. On this website, you should write in the form of a diary; giving updates for your client on how their product has been improving.



Communicating with the client’s consumer base in this fashion is more personal and avoids a ‘us versus them’ scenario. It gives you the chance to touch the mind of an individual with an approach that isn’t entirely focused on selling them something. Put yourself in the spirit of the client and personalize everything.

You must be wary of the look of this website. The color scheme, the font, the images, the writing tone and style, the adverts running on the page, all matter to your client. Blogging also increases the traffic flowing to the client’s website, so keep this mind.




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Viral videos and popularity


Be current. Follow the social media trends and hashtags. Your client will ask you for ideas if they’re stuck, and as their marketer, you’ve got to keep your finger on the pulse of culture. Cultural topics of the present day are something you should venture in. Take for example the social climate of today; many people are interested in conversational topics like gender, politics and free speech.



Conjure a brief of any idea you have, in the style of a well thought out plan, a list of topics and the tone in which they should be expressed. ‘Going viral’ is something you should display to your client in a manner of an idea which is feasible. Social experiments, prank videos, unboxings, tutorials, and reviews are all ideas which encapsulate a personalized viral video with the content creator’s personality, hobbies, and interests.

It is crucial you understand your client. Booking a Google Hangout or Skype session every fortnight or monthly, just to chat for an hour or two, discussing their ideas and revenue generating is something YouTube artists look for. Show them you care about their individuality.



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Targeting a client’s audience is only part of the objective. First and foremost, you must find who watches their videos and if they have any opportunities to increase views and traffic flows. YouTube has a video manager which features an ‘analytics’ page. On this page, is all the desired information about a client’s viewer base.


Analyze and note the demographics of the artist regarding, age, gender, and country. Note the duration of which each video viewed and spot a pattern to be harnessed and targeted in future content; this is also known as ‘retention rate.’ Twitter also has the same feature.



On this page, you can see who the client’s fans are in greater detail. Utilize their other interests into an idea for future videos; therefore, you’ll be able to give the content creator a goal to aim for each time. Linked to the video you should also incorporate tags which drive traffic through the video and channel.


Tagging is imperative as keywords go into the system and dependent on the acuteness of them, can skyrocket the video onto the YouTube Trending page. On the ‘About’ page for the artist’s YouTube page, be sure to advertise relevant information such as the blog and social media accounts.



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YouTube advertising


With greater traffic comes more significant revenue. But this revenue is generated by the advertisements played before or during the video timeline. Varying companies will want their product featured on an artist’s videos; thus the studying of the analytics page is so very crucial, to find the right brand for the artist. Of course, many commercials will be generic, but a company may want to take an artist under their wing and specifically work with them to promote an item or event.


Bridging this gap between an individual and corporations will require from the marketer a delicate and friendly tone when discussing terms or contract obligations on behalf of the client should be asked to do so. Again, personalizing every area is critical in determining the route to increased exposure.  


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